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Basicly where do i start. . . im planning on getting my first car very soon and im concentrated on the Benz '98 C-Class and the BMW '97/'98 3 series.
What generaly looks better and why?

Along with that what does everyone have to say about the general preformance of each car?

I currently live in New York and im looking forward of getting either one in Automatic, due to the fact that they are Luxury cars and i spend a lot of my time in Urban areas, like the city and Brooklyn and having a Manual car is jus gonna create more problems.

posted by  Denis0727

Ok lets try and narrow this down because the 3 series and the C-Class both have about 3-6 trims available. So give us some more information about wich specific model or 2 models you may be interested in and we'll be surley glad to help yah.

posted by  DSMer

To make it alittle easier . . .

C-280 '98 (195hp) vs. '98 328si (190hp)

posted by  Denis0727

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