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:banghead: hey everyone, i'm baaacckk... back in March I asked your opinion on what car I should buy within the next few months, E500 or 2005 Jag S-type. well since then I have test drove the Jag and I was not that impressed. The E500 is great but then there came the new 2005 Chrysler 300C with the Hemi engine. That car is great as well. I'm sooooo confused so I'm going to need your help to help me figure out which I should buy. I'm into modifying so I'm looking to get a base E500 (just sunroof and wood grain steering wheel), LS430 with just Premium package (no Navigation or Mark Levinson)and the 300C with just sunroof and wood grain steering wheel. i'm into body kits and custom stereo systems, 1.) full Lorinser kit for E500 (awesome look), 2.)LS430 - Junction Produce body kit with Wald fenders (gives an additional elegant plus sporty look) and 3.) 300C - rear wing lip spoiler and Bentley style chrome mesh grill (can't afford Bentley so great look a like). I need your guys help!!!!

posted by  jsmoov24

Actually, it sounds like an interesting project! I'd go with a 300C, cuz they start at $32,995 or something like that! And they've got very handsome and neat styling. Also, if it matters at all to you, it's American. (Which I'd prefer.) Think of it this way:

Its American
Its cheaper
Its more powerful
Its got a Hemi!

Good Luck! :thumbs:

posted by  moostang104314

I'd go also for the Chrysler! It is brand new, is looking good and has a lot or Mercedes parts in it, while it is a lot cheaper!

posted by  Diewaldo

You might want to check out the 2005 RL coming out soon. Complete overhaul on it. 300hp and a brand new AWD system called SH-AWD that has completely new torque distribution split. IT can not only split the torque between the front and back wheels...but in the back wheels from left to right. Plus the new one is suposed to have paddle shift and tested heavily on the nurburgring and the autobahn. Personally I wouldnt get the 300c. While I do like the interior I tend not to like the styling. I got to drive a rental 300c for a day and wasn't impressed with anything but it's acceleration. The handling was pretty awful (felt like a yacht..and is at 4100lbs). Plus, I think if you've ever owned a Mopar like I have before you could relate to their subpar reliability and quality control issues. I can guarentee you, you won't run into those problems with a Honda/Acura product. Whilest the 300c is a great leap forward in entry level luxury sedans (RWD, V-8)...I wouldn't get one.

posted by  thunderbird1100

jsmoov24, was the S-type that you "were not impressed with" a 6cylinder model or 8cylinder? The 6 is more based off the Taurus engine, and so being not to impressive by everything that I have read about it; the 8 is more on the England side, and quite potent I hear. The 2005 models are much improved over the older S-type, so that's a key. I'm kind-of sad you didn't really like it :(

Like thunderbird1100 stating about the handling, I don't think these fairly large luxury sedans are for throwing at curves. The 5.7liter engine in the 300C is great, powerful, and lineararey; it also shuts off 4cylinders under normal driving conditions so you save on gas if that's a problem (as you may have guessed, this comes from Mercedes); axles, and transmission are basically from Mercedes also. Chrysler's are know for there under-par build quality, but then again Mercedes has there own issues.

In my opinion the Lexus isn't to inspiring. Have you considered a CTS? Volvo?

I'm going for the HEMI! (I know it's not anything of a special engine, but I just like saying that word hehehehe). Question it's interior quality over the Lexus, and also may not have the resale value despite it's good/excellent value.

posted by  cwzilly

Jags have a pretty bad reliability background. Take them to the shop and it's thousands of dollars everytime. I know one of my neighbors is always bitching about the repair bills on his. Ask a Mechanic this question. What happens when you see a Jag or JEEP pull into the shop? They will almsot certainly say 'lots of dollar signs'.

It's very possible for a large car to have decent handling. My dad's 02 RL (FWD 225hp) has very good handling for being 3800lbs and a FWD (much better than the 300c i drove). The 7 series BMW has pretty good handling too for it being around the same weight if not more than the 300c. Of course handling is definatley not something mercedes cares about, therefore it reflects on the 300c. I've always looked at Mercedes as the boring Toyota and BMW as the more geared toward the enthusist Honda. I don't know what his budget is, but the new M5 was just released (specs wise and final production pics) the other day. It has VERY impressive specs.

507hp,383ft lbs, 7spd gearbox with something like 20 selectable shift patterns, 14.5"+ discs all around. Plus it doesnt look so much like the bangled regular 5 series. Which is definatley good.

Myself I'm not keen on the new styling of Caddy, the interior is still heavily influenced by the typical GM standard and the exterior, well, I just dont see how people like it. Volvo might be a good alternative. The S60R and V70R are quick and VERY comfortable.

posted by  thunderbird1100

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