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Why is Porsche 911 GT2 more powerful and more expensive than the GT3? The lower the number, the faster. GT1, GT2, than GT3. Why is this? Can someone explain?

posted by  zipper

its called branding mate, and may be something to do with its birth line, ie change in emissions regualtions etc.

posted by  cinqyg

Ever consider that they are named after the racing classes? And GT3 is a slower class than GT2 or GT1?

You have the mistaken impression it's like a tuner shop that advertises tuning in stages, with each progressive number being a higher state of tune (like a stage IV car is more powerful than a stage II car).

posted by  ChrisV

Ahh, yea. That makes a lot of sense. :thumbs:

posted by  zipper

an good explination for chrisV. yea GT is all done in classes. Porsche have classes from GT1- GT6 i believe. The GT1 look a lot diffrent from other classes.


http://www.mcarsweb.com/porsche/s_gt1b.jpg http://www.mcarsweb.com/porsche/s_gt1.jpg

A GT1 is designed to be more Aerodynamical and in a race it should cream a GT2 no problem.

posted by  Lukaz

Big NSX fan I take it? I love the car. Well really only the Coupes (91-94). I think honda went off it's toes when they started adding all the weight in 95-up with the standard targa top. I know quite a few beast NSXs...including one that lays down 420+rwhp on a Basch Boost supercharger.

posted by  thunderbird1100

all the GT's look really damn nice though, and they all have plenty of power to throw around. wouldnt mind having any of them.

posted by  Inygknok

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