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About a two minute search turned up 4 Elise's for sale in the states. Hope you have plenty of $$$$. Check it out.


posted by  vwhobo

I know very little about this car except that it is apperently illegal to import to the US...does anyone know why? Any info would be awsome!


posted by  Basher013

lol yeah i dont think any retail car is illegal in the states u must have read wrong, 8O lol

posted by  bLen

He no doubt means illegal for road use, which it is.

posted by  vwhobo

I got this off the Lotus USA website-

"Q. Is it possible to purchase an Elise road car in Europe and import it to the U.S. for personal use?
A. No. The Elise does not currently meet DOT/EPA requirements for road use in North America."

I also read they are developing an Elise for North America, so some of the news I read must have been a wee bit dated :D

Does anyone know what prohibits the Elise GTS-R from being street-legal? Excessive engine power, or some kind of emissions problem?


posted by  Basher013

well thats retarted, no cars should be illegal

posted by  bLen

i would give up so much to have an elise

posted by  mazda6man

well thats retarted, no cars should be illegal

--- well its not illegal, just to drive it on the streets is, hence, it is no street legal, but can use on private property or tracks and such, just not on public roads

posted by  Conc3pt

probably emissions "for some states" and safety standards
but not sure dont know awhole lot about that.

posted by  Arthur

I work at a lotus dealer. This past may, i went to a training class in georgia "lotus cars int". it was awsome, while i was there i drove a elise,exige and a motorsport. the elise/motorsport was crazy it was like a big go-cart "not much bigger" i loved it. next spring we will be getting about 8 to 10 elise, i know what car i'm gonna demo that month. :mrgreen:

posted by  (o) (o)

Just felt the need to bring this thread back to life with an important issue! I am from the land of the crap British cars...........UK lol, and can say without doubt that the Elise Isn't worth importing! Okay It's quick and sporty but the engine is just plain unreliable. I spent a few years as a Mechanic and as such know that these engines (known as the K-Series) are used in all manor of Rover built cars from the Rover 100 to the LandRover Freelander to the Elise. The major downside and point I'm trying to make about this unit is that in every 10,000 - 20,000 miles you are more than likely going to have the task of replacing the head gasket! but thats not the only trouble with the Elise, the roofs leak, the radiators pack up prematurely and Water pumps fail early too. So I wouldn't bother with them myself unless I was to do maybe 2000-3000 miles a year!

posted by  Cliffy

the U.S. spec elise will have a toyota celica gts engine with a six speed gearbox, 190hp. looks like the problem is solved :D

posted by  (o) (o)

there a beutifull car

posted by  stringer001

I was talking about import Elise's in wich case It wouldn't be a US spec! The Toyota engine is the one that will eventually make It's way into the next version of the UK spec Elise, best move they are ever going to make, like when Rover used to stick Honda engines in their cars! :D

posted by  Cliffy

why cant they just use a lotus engine? it would be so much better

posted by  mazda6man

Does Lotus build engines anymore? lol

posted by  Cliffy

i dont know if they build wngines anymore either but peorsonally why a toyota celica gts engine. thier variable valve timeing lift is the same thing as vtec for honda... i do know that it cranks out 180 and that elise tweeked it to 190... but my sources in the tuner world tell me that the acura rsx type s is very mod friendly as far as engines go... im just thinking i can bench press that damn car... :D if you could get an engine in that car with over 200 bhp and still have it n-a the tuner world would be all over it.

my rents have a camry and it is ok but toyota cant make a sports car anymore... the supra engine was nice but i have no respect for the celica engine or corolla engine which they put in the mr2... point end case

posted by  theunbelivaBULL

i dont think lotus ever built their own engine, at least none that i can remember.
lotus designs their own suspension,chassis,body,and so on.
:( 2004 is the last year of the esprit, didnt know if yall knew.

posted by  (o) (o)

I think Lotus tune engines rather than build them, for example the Lotus Carlton was tuned by Lotus and had Lotus suspension etc. The Elan might of had a Lotus engine because in the 1970's there wasn't much else you could put in a Lotus lol. And I heard something about Lotus axing the Esprit, I have never been Lotus' greatest fan but in my mind that is a proper sports car, and it has a tin top! Pitty about the engine though lol. :(

posted by  Cliffy

Hi I'm looking to purchase a 2004-5 Lotus Elise in racing green (preferred). Anyone know of a new or used one for sale that isn't marked up? Please call me at 626-585-8684 and ask for Rick. Thank you.

posted by  patkan1

Did you search the internet? They are on sale in the US now, I think in the upper 40s. Hope that helps! :thumbs:

posted by  StiMan

the newest generation elise and exige already have the toyota engine also found in celica and corolla 190 hp peak but hardly usable you need VERY high revs everytime low torque too lotus is preparing the release of the supercharger kit already sold by toyota car is fast on the track on the street it`s a different story the brother vauxhall turbo outfitted with a opel 2.0 r4 turbo engine with 200 hp is as fast and easier to drive

posted by  alfagiggi

The V220 Turbo, well its a better everyday car, but the exige will beat it if you pitted to experianced drivers against each other, the narrow front tyres are to balence the car, its a art form to drive it quickly.

posted by  cinqyg

cynqig: you are right for an experienced driver a lotus is surely the faster car, but as you posted it is an art to do that and a "normal" driver will be faster in the v220

posted by  alfagiggi

The Elan might of had a Lotus engine because in the 1970's there wasn't much else you could put in a Lotus.........

The Elan had a Ford block and a special twin cam lotus head fitted....The Esprit/Excel/Eclat had an engine based on block from Vauxhall and was made with Jenson which again they put a twin cam head on. Not sure where they got the v8 block from but pretty sure they haven't made a complete engine.

posted by  hammerthief

Did U Guys Know Proton Owns Lotus :fu:

And Proton Is Owned By Malaysia :drool:

Bet U Didnt Know That :sleep:

posted by  $GoodCarZ$


1. Who the f*ck cares about f*cking Proton and f*cking malaysia, Nobody brought that up.

2.You have one post, which means you specifically joined to insult people about there knowledge of something which doesn't even matter.

3.You brought a post that was started more than 2 years ago...nobody cares.

4.I hate you...

posted by  Zalight

I own a 160hp K-series S1 Elise. I've got 67,000 miles on the clock. Although things have worn on my car and been replaced, nothing has ever broken. My 1998 car still does 0-60 under 5 1/2 seconds and pulls on to a ton with ease (around 13.5 seconds). I think compares nicely to some of the US cars mentioned here...but because it only weighs around 750kgs compared to the big US cars I think it's very hard to compare directly. I own a corner hugging lightweight missile that still makes me grin every time I get in it now. The handling on Elise's is truly incredible if the geo is set right.

Although I new an Elise would be less reliable than a Jap car, I've got to say that for the £'s here in the UK, if you want a true driving sports car experience - the Elise cannot be beaten.

I've been on track against higher powered and heavier cars which cannot catch it.

posted by  Jay NW

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