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This Porche has a really neat flat torque curve that starts early. Has anyone seen a tow test for this beast.

posted by  Rags

i havent... but it is a really sic suv

posted by  bLen

I watched a thing on tv, they put a 911 on a trailer towed it witht the Turbo modle (450Hp) and it was like the trailer wasnt even on.

posted by  84_Jetta_GLi

Allow me the opportunity to badmouth this car. I own one, and I think I can tell you exactly how much I enjoyed buying it.

1) My dealer promised me a Cayenne in January, 2003, two months before the first delivery date of March 15. They forgot the order form, and my car was subsequently never delivered.

2) In early March, they ordered me the car, but one day before scheduled delivery, they called us saying Porsche refused the order. Reason: too many customers (incl. me) ordered cars with carbon fiber pkgs., and Porsche ran out. Yes, they ran out. Even though it is standard on the Turbo.

3) June. I get pissed so we buy a 75k titanium model Cayenne S off the lot. The dealer promises a free 6-CD changer as an apology for all the mishaps. They lose track of that promise for a month till we dig it up in the cars file.

4) The air recirculator pump makes an awful whine CONSTANTLY. Porsche refuses to fix this problem. I am told it CANNOT be fixed. It is insanely loud and comes on when the heater is recirculating.

5)The check engine light turns on all the time, yet it is never properly fixed.

This is not a good car. As a member of a Porsche family who almost refuses to drive anything else, this is a big disappointment. I urge all readers to consider the range Rover of X5 4.8is. They must be better. :banghead:

posted by  PorscheMoBscene

It sounds to me like you may be having dealership trouble. The first 3 sound like an incompetent dealership not doing their job. The last 2 sound like an actual problem that again the dealership is not handling correctly. Sorry to hear about your troubles. My suggestion is to try another dealership and see if you get better satisfaction.

Hate to see a fellow Porsche owner pushing other vehicles.

posted by  theman352001

hi PorscheMoBscene :) what else may you say after 10 months of driving or have you sold it already? ;) thanks for any comment or advice!

posted by  Sestdienis

hmmmm another really decent option to the porche is the volvo XC90 T6... all dealings ive had with the Volvo Dealerships have been excellent... there has been no real probplems that i have heard of either...

posted by  brooaroad

Well, I dont know for sure, but I once heard that Porsche break down really easily. Dont take my word for it, I just heard this somewhere. Can anyone verify this?

posted by  SNiPeRViRuS

im actually the son of a man who´s had his porsche cayenne turbo for about 4 months now. heck, he likes it so much, he bought a cayenne for my mom.

i get to use it sometimes, and its no doubt a great car...

and i agree with theman, most of the problems you´re getting are not because of porsche´s low quality, but because of some crappy dealership.

so far we´ve had minor problems with the porsche, one is a sensor problem that displays a problem with the suspension, and the other is a problem found in the regular cayenne that has a broken traction control button.
small little details for such a great car..

posted by  mirot

Our family almost bought one (S). The performace is so nice, but 2 of the three we tried constantly made a beeping sound. The other one was perfectly fine though. I just have a bad outlook to the Cayenne now. Instead we got a much larger Odyssey. :hi:

posted by  ToCkS

Going from a German SUV to a Japanese minivan. :banghead:

posted by  SNiPeRViRuS

The Odessey is the best SUV IMO, but a $90K + German SUV versus a $30K minivan doesnt make any sense. :banghead: :screwy:

posted by  StiMan

The Cayenne is definately the most over-hyped and over-priced performance SUV out there. It does not compare favorably against Japan and not even America's best in it's class.

Porsche Cayenne S
0-60: 6.9
1/4: 14.9@94.9mph

Infiniti FX45
0-60: 6.5
1/4: 14.8@95.1mph

Cadillac SRX
0-60: 6.4
1/4: 14.6@96.3mph

Sure, Porsche has this monster for just under 100G:
Porsche Cayenne Turbo
0-60: 5.4
1/4: 13.8@102.5mph
...but sooner or later Cadillac will put it's "under 5 second" V-series treatment on the SRX and Infiniti has been talking lately about a performance division.
When either of those happen, Porsche's bad decision to make an SUV will look even worse.

posted by  Gothicaleigh

Something you need to learn: prices for vehicles are about more than 0-60 times, or drag race ability. the Cayenne has pretty damn good towing capability, and can go around the average road course faster than many Porsche sports GTs (like the 944 turbo). I know a number of Porsche racers that tow their Porsche race car to teh track with a Cayenne.

Porsche was looking at the market that already HAS a porsche, but buys a different brand for the daily driver/family car/tow vehicle. So they built an SUV with all teh engineering expertise of Porsche the sports car company. While still retaining much of what SUVs were supposed to be good at.

The average sports car, as a car, has some deficiencies which require you to have another vehicle to do many of the things you require a daily driver vehicle to do. Like carry more than a comfortable front passenger and a really scrunched up rear passenger. Having Porsche build both your fun car and the practical, all terrain, people and stuff carrier that it shares the driveway/garage with makes sense for those that have the money to do it.

I can see everyone's gripe if Porsche was replacing the 911 series with this, but that isn't the case. This is a Porsche that can do a lot of things that the regular 911 cannot do, while retaining a lot of what it can do. Being sold to those people of means that still cannot justify owning only a sports car, but want the same levels of quality engineering and ability.

The other ones you listed simply cannot do all of this:



http://segeberg.nordclick.de/images/meldungen/Cayenne_6875606.onlineBild.jp g

I used to ahve a prety good picture of a few Cayennes rock crawling at Moab, too, but I can't find it right now. Suffice it to say, adding some hp to those others aren't going to make them as all around capable as this vehicle.

posted by  ChrisV


posted by  mirot

there is seriously no point in buying a porsche cayenne turbo well thas just my opinion. in fact i think there's no point in buying a cayenne period. if you going buy an suv over 100K you might as well buy a range rover or maybe option down for a land rover. people buy porsche because they built great sports car not suvs. XC90 V8, BMW X5 4.4-4.8, Mercedes ML 500, Acura MDX, VW Toureg ( which in my opinion is pretty much a cayenne but slower ) are all very capable, fast and luxurious SUVs. those suvs cost less then the turbo but just as good..

posted by  lilhoopa

Did you even READ my post? It explained why.

posted by  ChrisV

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