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Have a look at this:



and compare SEAT's new "egg-o-mobile" with this beauty (SEAT's current Toledo):


Disgusting, IMO.

posted by  karburator

The new one is ok but the back end lets it down imo
I like the old one tho

posted by  Car Nirvana

Sorry, but I don't like the new one. If I must see this car over here in Germany's TV commercials I just zapping away quickly. The back end is one of the worst I ever seen. Sorry, sorry, sorry :smoke:

posted by  lutz

First Car = Weird Looking
Second Car = Not To Shabby, Not Bad At All.. I Actually Like It.

posted by  Ki2AY

New Toledo: :tomato: :badrazz: were the designers on crack?!?!?

Old Toledo: a little boring, but eh.

posted by  SuperJew

Oh! Don't be sorry. It's just horrible. It doesnt' deserve being called Toledo.
IMO, the name that actually fits in that "thing" would be "Alhambra" (you know, it's the same minivan as VW Sharan or Ford Galaxy with SEAT logos).

¡Oh! No lo sientas. Es simplemente horrible. No merecer ser llamado Toledo. En mi opinión, el nombre que enrealidad encaja en esa "cosa" sería "Alhambra" (ya sabes, es el mismo monovolumen que el VW Sharan o el Ford Galaxy con logo SEAT).

posted by  karburator

I call it "ethylic euphoria" :P

posted by  karburator

Si Señor! The new one looks like some sort of wannabe micro van, a little puffy on the back end. The old Toledo was a real car, but the new one...
...should be called "Pocohambra" :laughing:

posted by  lutz

The old toledo is a lot better looking then the knew one but i still don't think it looks good. But i dont know much about the car, what are the specs? Is it something even worth driving?

posted by  Zalight

SJ, i think most of the designers are on crack nowadays! some of the future cars just look soo friggin' ugly! this new Toledo, one word...infact this > :puke:

posted by  WeaponR

Its the renault megane all over again.. look at the rear :ohcrap: .
I see you baby shaking that ass... yea i know some car designs i look at today and just think what the :cussing: were they thinking and where did they go wrong!

posted by  Lukaz

case in point: Chris Bangle designed BMWs. :puke:

posted by  SuperJew

You hit the nail on the head.
Do ya mean Chris "Bungle"? The David Hasselhoff of car design?

He's making me... :cussing:

posted by  lutz

If I'm not wrong, the top is a 1.8 Turbo with 180 bhp and a 1.9 Turbo diesel with 150 bhp.
Anyway, there is also the SEAT Leon, which is 5 door Toledo, wearing a 1.8 Turbo with 225 bhp.

About specs-- have a look at this and judge yourself wether it worths driving one of these or not:


ps: You better add this one to favourites :P >>> www.zeperfs.com . Its in French, but its a great site.

posted by  karburator

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