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Anyone here own an Opel Calibra? I think the last model year was 1996, right? This is one of my favorite european only cars. What do you guys think of the 16V or AWD turbo. Any info about a 3.2 V6 swap? This car just reminds me of a pre-96 eclipse gsx...but what do you guys think....btw how much does importing a car from the uk to us cost?

- MILFhunter

posted by  MILFhunter

Awful. Just awful. It's basically a coupe version of a very ordinary saloon, and a saloon that understeers badly.

The styling has aged rather badly, and the car now (in the UK at least) has a whiff of council estate about it.

They were quick in a straight line, but not very sophisticated. I've only driven a fwd version: the Opel 4wd system has a lousy reputation. (There was a known problem that, under extreme circumstances, could cause the rear wheels to lock at speed).

posted by  heebee

Amen to that, what a piece of crap lol...they look awfull, handle dreadfully (to the extent of bouncing round bends) and as you say, they are also just an old Cavalier/Vectra...oh, and dont even start me on the 2.0 8valve engine :ohcrap: :banghead:

posted by  Cliffy

huh....yeah i've never driven one, but I do like their looks. But I never knew they were THAT bad. Thanks, but how can you guys not like the looks of this car: (i hope this pic attach works)...Well I guess anyways, a car cant get off on only looks...

posted by  MILFhunter

IMO, I dont think it looks bad at all. But it's nothing special in a way of looks.

posted by  DodgeRida67

ditto - it looks just like everything else out there on the road today. :sleep:

posted by  SuperJew

well well well just bitching about the calibra,i own a calibra v6 its a great car but its true that its bumping in corners thats because the car is 1380 in kilos so its like a sports car thank with the looks of a coupe but with a few inhancements like,wheels use 17 to 19 inch rims with realy flat tires and upgrade the shockabsorbers,lower the car by 2inch and than the problem is fixed so you can now take hooked corners with 140 km

posted by  calibra v6

I think the guy who started this thread has gone...probably lol. Anyways, chances are that sticking a lower profile tyre on the Calibra will only make things worse! :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

As a former owner of a 4x4 Turbo model of the vehicle on question, let me state that, pound for pound and dollar for dollar, nothing else on the road could touch my Black Calibra... Unless it said Turbo AND Porsche!!! OK, well, S8's used to give me no end of grief on the autobahns, but I now own one of those, so, I'm getting some of it back I guess.

A note to CalibraV6: I didn't need any lowering or suspension tricks. Just a GOOD set of rubber, and proper driving technique. Given the admitted heft of the car, at 1-1/2 tons, it wasn't exactly made for tossing lightly through the esses. But I still ate "tuner" Golf's & Ibiza's for lunch on a regular... Any kind of weather, any day, any time. 50-60mph on the entrance-ramp loops, IN THE RAIN!?!?! YES!!! Whenever I felt like it!!! 170+mph (282kmh - indicated) for as long as the traffic cooperated and the petrol (thought I'd throw in a term you Brits would understand) held up, which, at 170+mph, wasn't for very long. Good thing I had US Forces gas coupons... At almost DM-5 to the gallon I wouldn't have been pushing it nearly as hard.

My only real complaint was brakes. The car needed BIGGER drilled&slotted rotors, multi-piston calipers, and braided hoses. OR, a LOT of stopping room. A nice farmers' field to bail-out into would do as a second option... A good insurance policy third...

As far as styling goes, remember, 15 YEARS ago, when this thing hit the market, nothing, and I mean NOTHING looked as good. NOTHING! And, IMHO, I think it's styling still holds up to what's out there contemporarily. It won't stand up to the Exotics, of course, but then, even when new, it didn't have to. Not for the cost, then or now.

I'm home in America these days, so I don't get to experience the joy of cruising mindlessly at 160K, simply because I'm not in a hurry... Thank God for my PS2 and games like Gran Tourismo and Driver, or I'd go MAD!!! MAD I Say!!! :banghead: :ticking: :screwy: :hi: :wink2: :smoke: :smoke:

posted by  BlackCalibra

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