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Gee..talk about taking the bull by the horns!....Have you guys seen Vauxhall's new (at the moment prototype) Twin Turbo Diesel Vectra?....lets just put it this way, it'll wipe the floor with any fourth coming BMW diesel. Ok, it aint confirmed yet, but given that Jaguar have just stuck a TT diesel in the new XJ or S-Type or somthing which struggles to pull of a 9second 0-62 time, I think that Vauxhall's proposed time of just under 6.5seconds and a restricted top speed (due to European regulations) of 155mph is a massive achievment, especially given that vauxhall once had to rely on Isuzu to produce a decent diesel lump for them because they coudn't do it themselves!

posted by  Cliffy

I wouldnt trust vauxhall as far as i could throw them, well the reason that they have this loverly new ability to produce there own diesels is Saab and Isuzu are now working together to develop the engines.

Lets hope they get Isuzu fuel economy from there truck division and Saab's performace and not the other way around!

May be its me cliffy but jags are suposed to be mild luxuary expresses, the S-type does 0-62 in 8 secs, and 140 mph and 40mpg. Its not suposed to be all out fast, its 6 speed auto is ment for eating up the M1 and M6 at 80-90mph in a colonial gentalmens club style and comfort.

If you want performance then you wouldnt be buying a diesel jag for £35k would you, with its 27 cows to sit on, silent cabin, large saloon boot, soft suspension and preprogrammed Radio 2 default.

You would go and buy a VX220 turbo from vauxhall/lotus.

Its very much the same with the vectra, yeah it may b quicker 0-62, but do i really care, if i had the choice of my bosses quick vectra or the MD's jag, up and down the country or to take my girlfriend, mother, etc out then i would choose the jag. The seats are in a class of there own, the cabin is silent, the radio isnt half bad, you dont even need to change it from radio 2 it tames you to its whims, the 2.7 TD is far from pedestrian and its 25% more economical than a 2.0 petrol vectra and the same 0-60, same top speed, more torque and more power and both are 6 speed.

posted by  cinqyg

I know what you're saying, but I think if Jag's gonna rate their diesel as a 'Super diesel'.....it should be able to live up to it! :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

Im not a big fan of vauxhalls (at all) we had a vauxhall vectra and it just crumbled with countless problems so maybe we was unlucky with it. Dispite that theres no style involved in most models and there far to common to be eye catching... Gimme a jag or a BMW anyday over a vauxhall vectra..
Still intresting about the new changes cliffy thanks for that info :thumbs: .

posted by  Lukaz

Well Im not sure if they are really, look at the compotition in the same price range. You have the Merc E270 which less powerful slower 0-60 but does 45mpg. Then you have the BMW 530 which is more powerful, a second quicker but does 35mpg, BMW also have a 525 which has the same 0-60 as the jag but still only does 37mpg, so i think they might have the right balence.

If you wanted all out perfomance in a diesel you would buy a 330 BMW TD. But then if you were to go that far then whats the point in buying a diesel. I supose it makes sence if you live on the continent where the prices are much lower than petrol. But thats the market that the diesel is pitched at, the continetal autobahn driver who might buy a merc or a bmw.

posted by  cinqyg

What I also forgot to mention is that the new diesel is only a 1.9litre unit :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

Thanks for the info, Cliffy! I didn't heard that before. :smoke:

A 1.9 Litre with the latest twin turbo technology would provide fuel economy at higher speeds also. (Maybe reasonable for UK where the Diesel price is higher)

In comparison a BMW 330 Diesel is directed to the continental market and its engine is nothing new at all.
Diesels have a whole lot more development potential than BMW or Jaguar are using. I guess that Vauxhall is using that potential to developing a really next gen. Diesel. (IMO)

posted by  lutz

The proof is in the eating, i wonder how reliable and long they will all last. most truck engines dont get more than 50bhp/ litre becuase of the longevity issues. may be this has been overcome.

posted by  cinqyg

Lets not forget, too, that the Jag weighs nearly two tonnes, and uses an automatic gearbox. This is not a car that is even interested in 0-60 times: that's not something that is important to this sort of car.

Far more important is ther enormous torque and lazy, tranquil drive. The S-TYPE is a true GT: would you rather pop down to the South of France in a Jaguar, or a slightly quicker (but still tremendously dull) Opel with the dreaded Vauxhall Chicken badge stuck on it?

posted by  heebee

(well the one i was looking at was the manual) and didnt i say about the type of car already.

posted by  cinqyg

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