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Okay, so now that I know more about the VR6 Im wondering which is better, the VR6 or the 1.8t. I have been looking into VW more lately and have just recently test drove a 1.8t jetta. It was hard to ignore the body roll and squishy suspension of the jetta but I tried to focus on the engine performance. You see, I've been pondering on buying a golf GTI for my next vehicle, and they offer those two engines in the car. The manager of the dealership was out for the day and took home they're only model of GTI(it was a VR6) they had in stock. So I test drove the jetta and was pretty satisfied with the 1.8t performance, It was about what I expected. But I still Haven't been able to drive a VR6 yet, so I can't compare the two.

Are there any people out there that has owned either engine? give me the scoop on them , reliability, performance, you know; the whole nine yards. Thanks for the help!

posted by  Zalight

IMO buy the VR6, because it's far better than any turbocharged 4 cyl. The VR6 feels better, sounds better and has more torque. Last but not least the VR6 is more reliable. Over here in Germany the 1.8T had some recalls.

I'm not a VW expert, just wait for them here in the forum. :smoke:

posted by  lutz

Keep in mind body roll could be fixed by upgrading the suspension.

I have absolutly no experience with either car, so I'll keep my comments to myself.

posted by  abless

I know, but I don't really like the Jetta as much as the golf in anyway. Plus the GTIs suspension is already quite good.

posted by  Zalight

Id go for the VR6.. personally :) just cos i like golfs more but if i really really wanted a golf and i had the money.. id get an R32 Golf :drool:

posted by  Lukaz

simple, buy the VR6

posted by  Inygknok

Seems like everyone is going for the VR6, that was what i was probably going to get anyway, but now with all the input there is no comparison between the two. I'm gonna get the VR6!

posted by  Zalight

I'm late in this...buy the 1.8T...more performance/$ once you start modding...

Turbo motor > N/A motor

posted by  thunderbird1100

VR6!! i know the new golf has more power than the old one (98 had only 150hp, i think the new one has like 180hp and the vr6 has more than that but cant remember the specs). as for mods like the above post said, think what you could do with the vr6???

small point of fact, or at least what I think is fact from dodgy memory, the the new turbo diesel golf has as much if not more power than the old 1.8turbo gti :screwy:

(can we please have the new cosworth focus sometime soon ford?) :banghead:

posted by  Unlicensed

the 6 cylinder has 200 hp, the 1.8 has 180. The extra weight and fuel consumption of the VR6 doesnt justify 20hp. With a little bit of money (less than the difference between the engines) you could have the lighter, more fuel efficent up to par with the VR6 power wise.

posted by  Wonderbread7608

Heck, a $50 Manual Boost Controller will give him more Torque AND Horsepower than VR-6.

posted by  thunderbird1100

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