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What does everybody think of BMW's new styling cues? (Z4, X3, 5-Series, etc.)

The new designs look terrible to me. The previous 5-Series was one hell of a good looker, same with the Z8 and Z3. The new cars keep getting uglier though.

posted by  moostang104314

i only like the new M3. thats it. every other new BMW looks plain ugly to me. i really enjoyed the previous models.

posted by  Inygknok

whats the new M3 supposed to even look like? i cant say ive seen it...

and im in agreeance with the new designs being sh*t. they are sh*t. :puke:

posted by  SuperJew

ugly. 7-series is still lookin ugly to me. X3-bleh.
Z4 =blah

I can say i like the new 5er but if i ever bought one i'd take headlights from another car and fit them in because the headlights on that thing are uglier than the latest S-class mercedes'. The new M5 is going to almost make the ugliness of the headlights seem irrelevant, but still, i say almost

Oh and Bangle was just promoted to Chief of Design for the company, meaning motorcycles, cars, etc...

posted by  mischa

Personally, I haven't been a fan of BMWs. I know they're good cars, but their styling is too...non-unique.

That grille? I hate it!!! And the grille being BMW's signature mark...I think it hinders their creativity with styling or something. In the end, I think all their cars look the same!!! Almost.

posted by  MaChao
that's the new M3. sorry about the scribbles...i just thought it made the car look less like a dead giraffe humping a rhino.

posted by  enron fever

i meant the 2004 M3 model.... not that curvey cat like gay one posted above.

posted by  Inygknok

yeah thats a poor excuse for an M3 EF...this is what i'm talkin about... :drool: :drool:

posted by  SuperJew

thats the one, :thumbs:

posted by  Inygknok

on that "new m3", the grille continuing up onto the hood, F- material

posted by  mischa

I love the Z4. Very tradtional sports car proportions (long nose, short tail, with the driving compartment pushd back against the rear wheels), with some modern forms. I especially like the line runing from either edge of the grille back over the fenders dipping down at the doors, then kicking back up over the rear wheels. Much like the basic lines of the Austin Healy 3000. I like it better than the overly soft Z3.

The 6 is rather generic coupe, but better executed than the 7, though the 7 has some good road presence. The new M5 looks rather good. The old M5 is the only version of that body I liked. The basic 5 series looked way too bland. The new one doesn't look bland, and has an agressive "face" when coming up behind you. I also like how the 5 has an integrated rear spoiler line in the trunk lid. The 7 and 6 are supposed to have that feel, but it's not as successful, even though it works aerodynamically.

The new 3 series is going to have fewer body lines that any prior 3 series. The only thing I don't like about the upcoming 3 is the taillights. I can see where they were going with the side bodyline over the taillight tops and around the back, but the dip down toward the licence plate recess is too Korean. THey could ahve kept an evolution of the old taillights and it would have flowed with the new bodywork.

A lot of people blame Bangle for ruining the BMWs, but he has been in charge of BMW design since 1992... it was BMW management that wanted the cars to becomre wildly different than the conservative style they had become.

posted by  ChrisV

good point

posted by  mischa

I just shield my eryes from the rest and like to look at the M3 and M5.

posted by  thunderbird1100

if it wasnt for the small mini grill and the stupid rectangular thing on the fender.. it wouldnt look so bad...

posted by  Ki2AY

I'm with most others on this one...I hate what Bangle done to the 7-Series and I'm not too keen on the 5-Series either...(looks too similar to the 7 to me)...I also cant stand the new 1-Series either, it's really just a 3-Series compact isn't it? :ohcrap:

Oh, and have you all seen the next 3-Series, It's not looking much like the next M3 that Enron showed ud looks far, far worse than tha :ohcrap:

Oh yeah...and I'll move this shall I :ohcrap: :ticking: :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

At least its functional.

I love the M3's they are soooooooooooo sexy. I want one of those some day. :2cents:

posted by  Wonderbread7608

The management of a carmaker aren't car enthusiasts. Those are people who quite frankly don't have a clue about cars. They have only one thing, they know how to spend money and how to make money. That's all. So why BMW can sell their ugly cars? It's simple:
1. most leanest production in the world (beside Toyota)
2. BMW is the only carmaker who can produce innovative high technology at very low cost (the customer doesn't really know how cheap they can make it)
3. All marketing, avertising, commercial and public relations costs are record breaking in the whole industry.
4. BMW doesn't pay tax
5. BMW knows how to get money from the government
6. is the only carmaker who has double suppliers, it means they have a permanent competition to each other (the suppliers), it dumps the costs
7. Turning Chris Bangle into a famous celebrity, promoted like a rock star (see point 3.)
8. People talks about "Cool New BMW" and finally buying the cars, because it's as cool as Ozzy Osbourne's stomach :smoke:
9. It's still an amazing driving experience (the only good thing)

posted by  lutz

bangle didn't do the curent 7 series. Adrian Van Hooydonk di dit (Adrian is now head of BMW car design, and Bangle moved up to overall design director). Bangle did do the previous 7 series, however, and took the current 7 series up to BMW management, who approved it.

The next 3 series is only going to be a sedan, as they are separating the coupe/convertible out to the 4 series (like the 2 series will be the coupe/ version of the 1 series sedan), and the design will be slightly differntiated between them. As I said, I like the new 3 series other than the taillights. I did a quick P shop of more tradtional taillights on the new 3:

The basic body is smoother than any 3 series previous, with fewer overall bodylines (the reflection in the side from the raised bit at handle height is deceiving, it's just a minor ridge right about where the old one had an indent). It's muscular and smooth, and the integrated rear spoiler works well in this application.

posted by  ChrisV

Do you work for BMW? :wink2:
Adrian Hoojdonk(Hooydonk) is just one of more than 300 designers at BMW and yes, he came out with the final designs, but what the hell is Bangle doing? The "Overall Design Director" (the O.D.D.) is BMWs best salesman I guess. Telling jurists (Yes, the management are jurists - they have a doctor title) how a good selling future BMW should look like and they believe it and proove it. Sold.

The "ODD" is saying to the marketing devision that we have to market our new designed BMW models and they're doing it ragarding to the top management and Mr. Odd's selling genius. The marketing department gets it's budget to telling the people what they have to believe:

"All new BMWs are looking cool thanks to Mr. Odd!" Sold.

Yeah, the spoiler is a real masterpiece.... ...for a 15K car. :doh: ...but muscular and smooth?? Great joke! :laughing:

posted by  lutz

Is that 15K in Euro's??? that'd be about the same in American dollars. (And a 3-series is about $35K) If you meant british pounds, that'd sound right.

posted by  moostang104314

thats actually about 19.5k dollars. The dollar is loosing value in Europe and the Euro is taking over. Last I heard it was 1.3 dollars to 1 euro, but it might have changed.

posted by  Zalight

No, I don't work for BMW. I've owned a few, but I've been involved in car design for decades. I know how it works. I especially know how Designworks USA works, which is the company BMW bought to do their design work in the late '80s (before that it was an independant company run by Chuck Pelly, who was not only Chris Bangle's mentor, but also mentor to J Mays and Freeman Thomas while he was teaching at the Art Center College of Design in California).

You seem to think that when Bangle was hired back in 1992, he immediately started trying to convince top brass that his designs should be sold to the public. That's backwards. He did the LAST round of designs (the E 46 3 series, the last 7 series, the Z3, the Z8, the M coupe, the last 5 series, etc). BMW management said "we need to move a new direction." He had his design teams work on numerous different directions, and management chose which style they wanted.

How old are you? You don't seem to know much about the industry.

posted by  ChrisV

I mean that the rear spoiler looks good for a 15.000 US Dollar car like Hyundais or similar, but not for a BMW which costs a lot more. If I paying more I want value for money. :smoke:

posted by  lutz

It's trough (true) and your description is good, but I hate to repeat myself: The management of major carmakers have no clue about cars, they have no feeling, no taste. They only thinking mathematical.

About the "O.D.D." (Bangle) and his team:

He had his design teams work on numerous different directions, I saw all these numerous directions (Scetches, drawings, 3D's, full scale models etc.) in the middle/end nineties before the 7 came out. All those "different directions" were only variations of the 7 we know, with minimal changes. You seem to know the industry and it's well known figures, but I know that this industry has lost their feeling for cars, every 3 years old kid can see that. It's not necessary to ba a professor with big knowledge. That's I'm talking about.

How old are you, ChrisV? Read the latest forum posts and you know my age. If my lnowledge about the industry isn't good, it's because I don't work in the industry and I never did.
I was born at 07/18/1969 in East Germany, ruled by communists, I grew up there. In the age of 4 I did drawing my first own ideas of boats and cars, it was my hooby and I couldn't stop myself doing so. Were I was at school (7 years old) I did drawing cars also in the art class. I received penalties because of "Adoring the west, the enemy, by copying their cars". I didn't copy anything, but those communist idiots believe that, they had no idea. (I didn't had English at school, was learning by myself too).It was always the same until I was forced (with hard penalties) to give up my dream to become a designer. So my live took a different direction. I had jobs as a butcher, as a waiter and finally as a bartender. Even after 1990 I need some years to realize who I really am. Believe me, it wasn't easy. I did saving some money, so I could hire a crappy computer in 1999. Because of my lost practice of drawing anything I did trying a car design on 3D. I wasn't sure if I still have the ability to design a car after a forced break of 21 years. I only did three models, one in 1999, one in 2000 and another (last) one in 2002. I did it at my spare time. I also did some manual writing for computer programs after 1999 to pay the bills. Please excuse my anger about those Pasadena Elite Designers and authorities who holding power in their hands!

posted by  lutz

As a car enthusiast with a design background myself, I completely disagree. And I'm not going to let a 3 year old kid design cars: f

posted by  ChrisV

i started seeing the new M3's here in san francisco.. i dont think it looks so bad, matter'fact, i think i love it!

posted by  Ki2AY

Absolutely, this picture is the demonstration. :laughing:
Now we have a common sense :thumbs:

posted by  lutz

IMO the last good looking BMW was the old 6 Series (1979 - 1989) because it had class and elegance, then they went all conservative and :sleep: in the 90's but the cars still retained the class'eness, and then that brings us to now :puke:

posted by  Car Nirvana

I didn't like the new 5 series shape when it came out and I don't like the new 3 series from looking at the pictures. The current 3 series still looks great in my opinion and the new 6 series looks fantastic.

posted by  Bluesuit

I know he didn't do the latest 7-Series, but didn't he design the new one but have to change it because it wasn't selling?

posted by  Cliffy

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