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any one know of an easy way to diagnose no run probs on these beasts? Ilike ther car but am slowly realizing that i cant afford it!!! :banghead:

posted by  gold sho

Since I'm no good at diagnosing engine problems either, I take mine to the mechanic or the dealer...depends on which bimmer needs work.

Having said've also not given us any information to even begin to help you out... :banghead:

Call me weird. :wink2:

posted by  BavarianWheels

Since you've given no indication of exatly what the problem is, other than it isn't running, we can only give generic advice. An engine needs 3 things to run: air, fuel, and spark. if the engine turns over but will not start, check for those working. If it won't turn over, check for connections at the starter.

posted by  ChrisV

well the starter connection is ok, or at least ill check with volt meter so i know the line is hot. But im also finding a few of the fuses that are not getting juice from the ecm or at least that is what ive read :screwy: well i know the pumps(fuel) run when voltage is applied. and still have no spark. Damn car!!!!!!

posted by  gold sho

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