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Thanks for the suggestions, unfortunatley i cannot find prety much anything on those cars. I'm not in as tight a budget crunch insurancly(word?) as you think. I live in a pretty rich neighborhood, thos cars would be blown up on the spot. I was looking for a more 2000 civic, 96' Celica, 98 Accord type thing. If any of you have driven these cars: gimme a critique!

posted by  prschetrbo951

Thanks for the suggestions man. Unfortunately i dont really like the Golf, but i do really like the Jetta. Keep the suggestions comin'!

posted by  prschetrbo951

Hey guys, I'm new to the forums. Wanted to start out with some of your opinions, on a used car. Im 16, looking for a used car, affordable (9,000 or less) Any suggestions would be very helpful. IF you like a particaular car, could you tell me why to> Thanks!

posted by  prschetrbo951

mk2 or 3 Jetta VR6 if you can find it. fast fun and a little bit different.
or GTi Golf, nice lookin and fun do do up.

posted by  84_Jetta_GLi

Jetta's a good way to go...I would also suggest the Civic...I'm not saying that it compares- I think the Jetta is a better vehicle, but I'm keeping your budget in mind and the Civic might be a little better in that regard...

posted by  Machine

This might be the "European Imports" forum but I'd like to suggest a couple of 'domestic' cars mainly because of your insurance issue.
You might be struggling to find a 2.0 16v Ford Focus for less than 9k but you could get a Chrysler Neon. I mentioned those two because they're both insurance group 8 in England, which is low for what they are. You could get an insurance quote on a Neon and compare it to something else that's similar in performance i.e. Nissan Primera GT (IG 14) or Hyundai S-Coupe (IG 14).
If you want/need an even lower insurance car then I'd recommend a 1.6 16v Focus (group 6 whereas a 1.4 Civic is group 10) seeing as the Focus is a class leader and the 1.6 16v is the best compromise.

posted by  snoopewite

I have driven my fair share of civics in and ridden in many more. Now it really depends on what you want to do with the car. One of my friends has his '97 lowered 2 inches a custom paint job a cf hood and he is in the process of getting an engine swap. Another friend has his just to ride around in because of the good gas mileage and the fact that it will last him for over 200000 with regular maintance. Now as far as celicas go i hate the new ones... it looks like shit and preformes even worse. I have a camary and i like it but as far as sports cars go that is a crapy job from a good company... they should have stuck to the Supra; that is a nice ride. First determine what you want the car for. My suggestion is if you are not going to "rice" the car and use it as a get to work/school and back something with good gas mileage and reliability... civics accords maxima corollas.

posted by  theunbelivaBULL

NEWS FLASH : Camry's aren't intended to be sports cars!

posted by  BavarianWheels

yeah last time i knew Camrys r family sedans......

posted by  SuperJew

very true.. my dad has a camry.. and its not sporty at all, but its comforatible and its nice to go on long trips in. :D

posted by  S2000Boy

theunbelievaBULL wrote -
"I have a camary and i like it but as far as sports cars go that is a crapy job from a good company... they should have stuck to the Supra; that is a nice ride."

If you've got the sports version then you must have the 3.0 V6 all motor. It produces a decent amount of power in stock form considering its displacement and configuration. Most 2.0 8v naturally aspirated engines don't produce nearly that much power as standard.
If you have the 2.2 16v though, it isn't intended to be a sports car, it's a family sedan.

EDIT I typed ", It's" instead of ", it's" roll unbelievable how little sense my post made before I edited it.

posted by  snoopewite

This might just be me but i'm 15 and the only people that have $9000 to put towards a car do NOT buy civics or jettas unless they're girls. i'm assuming ur a guy and if u are, i would stay away from civics and jettas. don't get me wrong, jettas are good cars but they are girly cars. and civics are only good for gas and durability. (I guess those are 2 major things for teens lol) but if i had 9000 for a car i would look more towards an eclipse or a subaru. or somethin else like that. But prices for cars maybe cheaper here than they are where you live.

PS: affordable here in idaho for kids is normaly like 3000 or less. if you have 9000 you're considered rich lol

posted by  ChevySuxD0ng

well before i can give you suggestions what type of vehicle (SUV, Sedan, Minivan, etc.), what kind of mileage, foreign or domestic, etc. do you want?

posted by  SuperJew

Oh so a Vw jetta vr6 is a girly car?????
It can whip your eclipses ass!
So i suggest you buy a Jetta VR6.
Great reliability and great performance.

posted by  vwmaniac

yes a jetta is a girly car. and whoever said i had an eclipse??? i have a datsun 280ZX. and BTW a jetta vr6 will NOT waste my car's ass. i think ur just blowin smoke out ur ass...

posted by  ChevySuxD0ng

plus, i'm not sure when they started making the jetta vr6. but i thought it was only like 2 or 3 years old. so i'm guessin you can't get a jetta vr6 for only $9000...

posted by  ChevySuxD0ng

VW Polo would be handy if you live in the UK, cheap to run, cheap insurance (well not really), i mean cheaper insurance than average but prschetrbo951 my friend looks like you doesn't even live in Europe, if you are allowed to drive at the age of 16!!!! Man, I would be jealous :D Stupid living in the UK, the country's too small, the insurance is bloody expensive, not allowed to drive till I don't know... Anyway if you live in the states, a Polo sucks!!! Americans needs big, monster cars, the bigger the better is what the US market is about, so I don't know how much cars cost in the US, what car could you buy with $9000 in the US? If you convert it to pounds it's about £5600, if you want a brand new car that sort of money is not going to get you anything, not even a Fiat Punto. So second hand 1997' Audi A4 1.9 Tdi, is good choice I think, or a VW Passat.

posted by  Gavin.TDi

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