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Ok, well I am looking to get a used car, around mid 80s - early 90s. Of course, European Import. I have a price around $10,000-20,000. I think I have decided on a 1990-1991 Porsche 944 Cabriolet. I dont want to have to do much work or maintance, some is fine, but basically a good stock performer, and that If it does break there will be parts/mechanics in the US. Is this a good choice of car, anyone have any exp with this car? If not what would you suggest? Any comments/suggestions greatly appreciated.

posted by  sc0rched


posted by  sc0rched

guess not...

posted by  SuperJew

Look at early BMW's and early Mercedes

posted by  Car Guy

The Porsche is great car but watch out for the maintenance costs. It is reliable but when it breaks it's going to hit your pocket. If you're not worried about the repair costs then go for it.

posted by  Bluesuit

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