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These were excellent cars built in the 60s to 70s from Wales. They are excellent cars and the founder only died recently. These were the only Welsh cars ever

posted by  WelshCars

ahhh the gilbern. they look cool they kinda remind me of stags but i dunno why :doh: . i didnt know the founder was dead though.. :ohcrap:

Croeso (i hope thats right my welsh sucks) :thumbs:

posted by  Lukaz

A very nice looking car, BTW :smoke:

posted by  lutz

The gilbern made very nice car... :thumbs:

Gilbern GT (est 277 produced) 1960

The Gilbern genie (est 200 produced) 1967-1970

The Gilbern Invader (349 of mk1 and 2) 1969 -1974 (mk3 factory built)

In total there are believed to be about 1,005 gilberns made & about 500 of which are still in operation on the road.

posted by  Lukaz

Admittedly, I never heard about Gilbern just until WelshCars' post in the forum. It's great that someone mentioned this very rare brand from Wales. Once again, these cars are absolutely beautiful!
...ah, and thanks for some info research, Lukaz! Very interesting. :smoke:

posted by  lutz

I'm not sure what was used in the earlier models, but I'm pretty sure the Invader Used 3.0 Ford V6 engine, from the Capri. So in some ways, it's quite similar to the Reliant Scimitar. They're both fibreglass, too.

Considering how rare these cars are, they're surprisingly cheap to buy. I nearly bought an Invader last month, but instead went for a BGT V8 (mainly because the parts are so much easier to track down!).

posted by  heebee

Ok ive done tons of reasearch on the gilbern now cos ive fallen in love with it :drool:
The gilbern invader used the 3.0 litre (2994cc) V6 OHV Ford Essex Engine. The genie was the frist to use the engine in the gilbern. The gilbern GT however used a straight 4 OHV BMC - A/B series engine in the following capacity 948cc, 1558cc, 1622cc & 1798cc

The Ford Essex engine was used in the following motors:

1969 Tuscan V6, (2994cc)
1972 TVR 3000M,(2994cc)
1966 Reliant Scimitar coupe,(2495cc)
1976 TVR Taimar,(2994cc)
1971 Ginetta G21,(2994cc)*(Very Rare) only 68 produced
1966 Ford Zephyr 6 Mk IV (2495cc)
1968 Reliant Scimitar GTE(2994cc)
1969 Trident Venturer V6(2994cc)
1972 Ford Consul/Granada MKI (2495cc) + (2994cc)
1968 Marcos 3 Litre (2994cc)
1966 Ford Executive Mk IV (2994cc)
1978 TVR Convertible (2994cc)
1974 Ford Granada Coupe (2994cc)
1974 Capri 2000/3000 mk II (2994cc)
1966 Ford Zodiac mk IV (2994cc)
1966 Gilbern Genie (2495cc) + (2994cc)
1969 Ford Capri 3000GT (2994cc)
1975 TVR 3000M Turbo (2994cc)*(Very Rare) only 20 produced
1975 TVR Taimar Turbo (2994cc) *(Very Rare) only 30 produced
1977 Ford Capri III (2994cc)
1979 AC 3000 ME (2994cc)*(Very Rare) only 82 produced
1975 TVR Convertible Turbo (2994cc)*(Very Rare) only 13 produced

Phew... and after all that i think ill go for lunch :laughing: :wink2:

posted by  Lukaz

Wow that engine goes up to the rank's with the Rover V8

posted by  Car Nirvana

I'm not sure the Ford V6 is quite as good as the Rover V8. Whilst it is undoubtably a good engine, it's not quite as iconic as the Rover V8.

Why? Well, the Ford V6 uses an iron block and heads, which makes it heavy. The Rover V8 used a thin-wall aluminium design, which makes it incredibly light (as light, or lighter, than some 4-cylinder engines from the 60's/70's). The Ford V6 also seems overly large compared to the Rover V8, but that might just be my perception.

In tuning terms, perhaps the ultimate Ford V6 (in Europe) that I've seen was a 4.0 litre, 24 valve twin turbo unit, that Cosworth built. As for the Rover V8, the sky's the limit. As much as 1000 bhp has been had out of them, albeit with a lot of work.

Having owned cars with both engines, I'd have to say I prefer the V8, but that may just be because it sounds so nice.

posted by  heebee

Who said it was as good as or better than the Rover V8
cuz I ment up in the ranks in terms of usege

posted by  Car Nirvana

hi all good forum, just wondered if anyone is interested
i have a beautiful gilbern invader mk3 for sale
it is the red one in the pictures above
12 months mot
full cream interior, heated rear screen
goes lovely, a usable classic and a real head turner

posted by  artboy1963

Don't forget Morgan!

posted by  deconstruction

The only thing I'd forgotten about was this thread...:laughing:

posted by  Cliffy

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