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I have a question about the M3. Don't take to offense to it. Why does everyone love the M3? I like the M3 also but you guys are comparing it the SL65 AMG. What do you guys like about it? I looked at the numbers and they are impressive, but the Benz's are just as if not more impressive. I haven't driven neither, but i would like to hear some opitions about the M3.

posted by  Coffin Type R

Yes, the M3 is impressive, and is a more purer handler than the SL65, but the SL65 is a much better performer than the M3, and it has 600+ horsepower.

The people that compare the M3 to the SL65 don't understand the SL65, and don't realise the huge power advantage that it has over the M3.

posted by  What

The thing is when they were comparing the two, i feel they were comparing two different car classes. I consiber the M3 a sport compact and the SL65 a sports car. It would be like comparing the Toyota Corrolla 5 with a Supra RZ

posted by  Coffin Type R

yeah, I think of the M3 as a Sport Coupe, but the SL65 as a GT.

posted by  SuperJew

I guess the biggest thing right now is that what MBZ is doing with V8's, BMW is doing with it's inline 6 cylinder in the M3. However, I've read that the next generation M3 will be outfitted with a V8...and as we've all seen already, the M5 is getting the V10.

posted by  BavarianWheels

Where did you about the V8? I am curious.

posted by  Coffin Type R

The M3 is an amazing piece of kit.. This is a photo i took of one before i tried to have a go at racing it but it blew me away in my audi s6.

It sounds like a race car and is inconspicious yet amazing car in terms of performance. I wish i could afford one

to compare an M3 to a Sl65 is strange..the SL65 costs 5 times as much! plus has twice the power...you cannot compare oranges with apples in the same way M3 vs SL65

posted by  fukwit

In an earlier post that is what I was getting alot of the times.

posted by  Coffin Type R

The next M3..


posted by  What

Because the M3 is like a big titty woman. Everyone likes a big titty woman. Don't you like a big titty woman?

posted by  DSMer

The original M3 was built to meet homologation regulations, so that BMW could go touring car racing. It's the same reason the Ford Cosworth appeared. Why did people love it? Because it was pretty much a road-legal racing car (OK, I know it wasn't really, but it was the closest thing to it that you could buy from a showroom).

When you're assessing these cars, it doesn't do them justice to look at the figures on paper. You need to understand what these cars feel like to drive. I've driven a couple of M3 E30s, and they're really very impressive (I've not driven later variants, so I can't comment on them). The feel of the brakes, suspension and steering is amazing, and they're really easy to drive quickly on challenging roads.

posted by  heebee

Thank you. I was looking for an answer like the one above. I have seen the M3 on the street and them drive (my old boss owned one). I never driven one and I wanted to hear what they are like to drive.

posted by  Coffin Type R

The bmw M3 as been mentioned before can be bought in just about the same trim as the race version.In touring car races and in some other race fields it whomps on other cars with twice as much power.Saw a race where a m3 was in the same class as a viper and it lapped the viper twice(viper was raced by the factory team)When they asked the drive of m3 what he though about the viper he laughed and said its sad a street legal car beat a factory car.

posted by  fiestaguy

:clap: new M3 is great

posted by  istanbul

I think that it is a very stupid question.Ho old are jou...12.

posted by  zook

LOL...I assume you're after an answer to that question? If not, I appologise, I think you'll find that most motoring mags and BMW literature covered it a while ago, Coffin.

No, I dont believe he is 12 and I think his initial question is a very good one....the Merc is a GT and the BMW is a Coupe/Super Saloon, whatever you wanna call it....but it aint a GT!

posted by  Cliffy

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