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I'm interested in finding out more about the new Golf has been released in Europe and is being released later in the US. I live in the US so there isn't much information on it but since it is already out in Europe, they should have some info. Anyone know where I can find more info on this car?

posted by  zipper

How stupid of me. I just typed in Golf Mk V in google and got some good sites.
for anyone intereted.

What do you guys think about this car? VW going to come back and renew the Mk I's legend? I like the design, conservative yet sporty; and supposedly the car is supposed to have become much more reliable.

posted by  zipper

Ok.. the golf V is supposed to be a remake of the classic MkI . In 30 years its came a long way but is it really great enough to fit the really high expectations of the mk1. my answer personally is no it isnt. its like some movies it was better just making an original however everyone has diffrent views and oppinions which i respect. the new golf looks stylish in parts but i dont like the seat ibzia front lights or the rear lights either.

posted by  Lukaz

Here's another GTI article :
Why in the world is it taking a year to get to the US? :cussing:

posted by  zipper

Anyone know if a GTI VR6 is in the plan for the Mk V? Currently they only announced a turbo 4 and it seems to be slower than the Mk IV VR6.

posted by  zipper

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