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Hi i was wondering if there is any potential or even worth it hopping up a 1985 bmx 5 series i can get it for 1500 do you think i should buy it? And is there really like a lot of parts for a bmw like this?

posted by  Kris

my friend bought a 88 bmw for 700 with 170k miles (MT). runs good to. it has minor dents and scratches and i think his ac dosnt work.. im not sure what series it is.. just giving you a lil information.

if you dont mind owning a used honda, you can get a civic hatchback Si, or an old integra... thats what i would prefer rather than the 85 bmx.

posted by  Ki2AY

of course it's worth it! there is a lot available for the '80s 5 series, and they make a classy daily driver. Bav's got a gorgeous 5 series picture in one of his sig files, maybe you can get him to post it.

Unlike ki2kay, a serious enthusiast would defintiely want a nice 5er over a common Honda... And they aren't much more expensive to keep running, though some bits do cost more, it's hardly ever necessary to spend for them...

Here's a great site:

posted by  ChrisV

MOst of those were E12s, but the '85 is an E28 body. Like these:

Imagine wanting a cheap Honda hatch over one of those...

posted by  ChrisV

It really depends on the condition. For $1,500.00 it probably has a good 200k miles on the engine...but they are good engines. There is a chip you can buy for the '85 that shouldn't cost you more than about $200.00 that will boost the power output and release the speed limiter. Even a 2.7L engine is quite fast on the top end and not bad off the line either. The 3.5L is much better and takes to upgrades much easier as there is more to offer the 3.5L engine. There is a lot of parts you can buy for cheap on eBay for the early E21's and the E28's to spruce your car up depending on what it needs. The seats seem be the thing that wear out the fastest and are the easiest to replace.

The E28 stock trim, puts out 256hp and will put up a great challenge to most anything on the road today...if not plain beat it...but that car would run you between $6k-$20k from worst condition to best.

M5 that will run you about $15k...

My '88 E28 in the middle (blue E30 sold off a while back)
(thx. Chris!)

posted by  BavarianWheels

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