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Hey guys im new and looking at buying a 2000 model golf. And putting turbo on it. there is a kit you can get from the USA. has anyone done this before or seen it done? Here is a link to the kit. http://www.turbo-kits.com/golf_III_turbo_kits.html



posted by  aaran89

You'd be a lot better off just buying a Golf GTi, with the 1.8 turbo engine. A ridiculous amount of power can be realised from this with a remap, but they're pretty quick as standard.

The standard GTi will probably be a lot cheaper to insure, as well.

posted by  heebee

hi their i just went to buy a 1.8 turbo mk4 golf,, and god its got some kick that car, remaping the car i would make it perform more on gear ratio is that right just wanted to now if thats true ?

posted by  shaf

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