new m5 7 gears?

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hey, i heard a rumor that the new m5's have 7 gears? is that even possible? go on ahead and flame on me.. you all must know by now that im clueless about automobiles.

posted by  Ki2AY

From a quick google search, yes it seems to be true.

posted by  DodgeRida67

Yes it's true. The new M5 will have 7 gears. I think 7 gears is too many for a car with only 500 hp. The only benefit that I can see from this is if BMW makes the 7th gear extremely "tall" to get great highway gas mileage.

You shouldn't be flamed for not knowing that the next M5 will have 7 gears, you should be flamed for not knowing that 7 gears is "possible".

No, you shouldn't be flamed at all, you should be slapped.

Next time you think you're going to write something stupid, refer to the picture in my sig.

posted by  What

Yes the M5 has 7 speed manual smg gearbox.. It has 7 speed sequential on a gear lever or u can see paddles on steering wheel. More interesting is that u got 400bhp when u start the car. If you press sport u get 500 bhp..and 0-60 in 4.5, 0-125mph in 14.9. Its a fast car but looks ugly as hell so my money would be on the 997

posted by  fukwit

the smg-box is build from getrac it works with a shifting speed down to 150msec so you hardly feel the shift it is that fast the gears are shifted hydraulically there`s also a quickstart function included just the right foot down to the floor and the car does the rest

posted by  alfagiggi

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