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whats the regulations for a S4 with 400 or 500hp isn't something like they have to race with the 700hp class???

posted by  Wv/Hp

huh?!? :tomato: :umh:

posted by  SuperJew

Well depending on the sanctioned event, the Audi S4 could be penalized for being such a great car that it would be put in a class with cars that generally have higher WHP levels. Although this may seem unfair, its pretty reasonable for people driving the S4, as these things tend to drive circles arround the IS300, M3, CTS-V, and Sentra on the race course. I'm not sure as to the exact limitations, as certain SCCA sanctioned events have different rules. If you're interested contact your local SCCA office, and or read an official rulebook found at any of the SCCA sites.

posted by  DSMer

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