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G'day i was just wondering if anyone had some specs for a 96 A4 1.8t.

And a bit of info. can you boost them up easly and Reliably. how much power has anyone seen out of them?


posted by  aaran89

Specs? Check online at you'll find the factory specs for the car the car.Here ( you can find some good performance upgrades for Audi's. I don't know about you being able to do them easily, as they are expensive; but from what I've seen the cars reliability is comparable to that of a lexus. A personal friend of mine owns an Audi A4 with a 500HP race spec engine that he uses mainly for autocrossing. They are nice cars, just really really really expensive to mod.

posted by  DSMer

Thanks for that. Thats exactly what i wanted.

posted by  aaran89

The 1.8T engine is enormously tuneable. A remap releases an obscene amount of power from such a small engine. Have a word with Revo or Jabbasport, they can get these engines to pump out around 270 bhp, and over 300 ftlbs of torque (admittedly that's on a later 1.8T, in a Seat Leon Cupra R, but they're basically the same motor). That's more than enough for a fwd car: in fact, it's a bit tricky to drive with that much grunt (the Leon certainly was).

And all this power is yours for around £400. That's a bargain, if you ask me.

posted by  heebee

Man i didnt know you could get that much power out of them that easy. Im in australia so ill have to find some where here that can do them. Anyone here from Aus that knows of anyone near brisbane?

posted by  aaran89

Easy? I don't know about you, but anything that cost in excess of $4K for a 60HP increase is'nt exaclty easy. Well not in my eyes that, you may have deep pockets. Tuning Audi's is'nt a bolt on process, its a science that must be carefully performed. These cars cost arround $40K-$50K brand new. They have very delicate ECU's, and come from the factory tuned to Audi-like perfection. Theres room for improvement, but it comes at a great cost.

posted by  DSMer

4k where did you get that from. he said 400 pound. which is about 1200 dollars. and i can do alot of things myself like an exhaust and bigger turbo. it should be good

posted by  aaran89

I got it from firsthand experience. Something hebee does'nt have as he's talking about getting results from two differnt motors. Sure they may be "the same" but you don't tune a Maxima VQ30DE to that of a 350Z...VQ30DE. If you want to see 270HP and 300TQ out of a 1.8T Audi you'll need a good $3000.

Haha, I laugh at your attempt to make an exhaust and or re-map your fuel, alter your intake, and modify your fuel rail. If you did'nt know that these type of upgrades existed for the 1.8T in the first place, I doubt you posess the knowledge to properly create a more efficient exhaust system and turbo setup.

posted by  DSMer

Oh that wasnt very nice. How do you know i Cant do that. i just happen tobe good friends with someone who does custom engineering and he said he can make me a custom mainfold and exhaust and i already have a T28 turbo off my old 200sx. i might even get him to put a fmic on it. And ill put a dual stage boost controller and take it in to get a Chip and remap done. And a change over switch all of this i have previously done on my 200sx. its not that hard.

posted by  aaran89

Delicate ECUs? What the hell are you talking about? There's not a single 'fact' in this reply.

VW shoved this engine in everything from Skodas to Audis: it's not a unique engine to Audi by any means. And many European turbocharged engines respond well to remaps: you may then be outside the emissions regulations, but that's why a lot of them are switchable (just stick the old map on for your MOT test, or equivalent).

There's nothing 'delicate' about software, and many of the remaps are well-proven:

- Revo can get 200 bhp out of the BMW 320d, which is about the same as a 330d in factory tune.

- Jabbasport can release 188 bhp from the VW 1.9 TDi, which has 130 bhp as a factory set-up.

- You don't want to know what they can do the JTDi engines that Fiat use...

This isn't a 'bolt-on' mod: it's just a case of altering fueling and boost. You may lose a little driveability, and produce a bit more pollution, but hey, it's still cheap performance.

Give it a try. If you don't like it, you can always go back to the standard map. Hell, Revo even produce a 'trial' map, that lasts for a few hours then reverts to standard, so you can decide whether you like it before paying for it.

posted by  heebee

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