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Well, my 7 series is no more. Coming home last week, it broke down. I called the dealer, but they were being real assholes about it. Something about the software needing to be updated and the spark plug wires not transferring the spark correctly. Also, the secondary gas tank wouldn't transfer to the primary gas tank. Well, I got pissed, and walked out on them. I called my local Mercedes dealer, and traded in my BMW. I now am the proud owner of a 4 Matic S500. It's not as fast, not as sporty, but hopefully it'll be more reliable. Anyone have any experience with them?


P.S. -> My SVT Cobra is still my first love, though

posted by  TM875

I have head from a lot of people that they love the car and it vary reliable :D

posted by  2fast4all

shoot, just rollin around with the mercedes and bmw logo is nice to have, either way, goodluck with the mercedes, sorry bout the beamer

posted by  mazda6man

A lot of the 7 cars have had software problems, but there are fixes for nearly all of them.

posted by  crash8168

NICE choice...hope you like it...

posted by  EuropeanCarGuy

sorry dude, hell is not a good place..

posted by  S2000Boy

I've heard from people and read reviews about the Mercedes.Everyone says that they have incredible reliability.So congratulations on your new car, and good luck with it!

posted by  vwmaniac

Thats a clear problem with brand new modern cars, Electronics controls everything!!! Mecanical stuff is being taken out and fitted with on board computers and cencors, which is a real pain when they go wrong! They are clever in ways, and is said to be making cars easier to drive, enhances control, acceleration, fuel enconomy, stability, braking ect. But when they do go wrong, it'll be very hard to fix, it's not the matter of taking things out of the car and replace them or fix them, you have to load softwares and feed them into the car, when there's nothing wrong with the mecanical stuff, in this case I would rather prefere the good old mecanical macanisms. One of the dealer near where I live, when my friend dad's car broke down because of the on board computer lost connection with the electronic throttle, the dealer took nearly 2 weeks to fix it, most of the time waiting for the what he calls 'CD software' to arrive! But if you think what the electronic systems in your car does to you, and your car, it's superb!

posted by  Gavin.TDi

Well, okay, what is your point? And why are you, in a roundabout way, making a statement and then refuting it? This is all very confusing.

posted by  vwhobo

I have no point mate, it just facts, I like it and i don't like it as well, it's just one of those things which the advantages is equal to the disadvantages, UNDERSTAND???

posted by  Gavin.TDi

Well, no I don't. It is a fact when you state that modern cars have substantially more electronics and electronic control of mechanical systems.

It is an opinion when you state that it makes them harder to repair. And it's pure fiction to say that electronics are causing mechanical systems to be removed, if anything the ability of electronics to control mechanical systems is increasing the number and complexity of the systems. Examples would be variable valve timing, antilock brakes, traction or stability control, variable engine compression, etc.

Lastly your opinion that the advantages equal the disadvantages is just that, your opinion. People around the world are flocking to the high tech cars, so they must seem to feel the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

posted by  vwhobo

I think what Gavin.TDI is saying is that the disadvantages are evened out by the advantages, which kinda makes sense I guess :rolleyes:

posted by  Cliffy

solution, go to the dealer, test drive a car, take it to a forest and smash the sheet out of it!

posted by  stringer001

umm how about NO! nobody is so stupid as to wreck a $70,000 car thats not even yours.

posted by  SuperJew

I have never liked those BMWs.... I`m a Mercedes guy thought, i have never owned an S500, but i have owned an SL500 (just got rit of it) and i loved it, it was fast sporty and the dealer i went to was very nice about taking my old Audi, anyways ya lol good luck hope you have a good a time with your`s as i did with mine!

posted by  carlover

Just an update:
The new Mercedes is working out wonderfully. It's not as fast (which I guess is good...no more speeding tickets), but the seats are AMAZING. My friends always want me to drive now...they say sitting in the back is like sitting on a full-sized couch (I have the extra seating package). Best decision that I've ever made. In hindsight, the only thing I would have done was go for the S55 AMG, but it's a hair too pricey. :D

posted by  TM875

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