1.6 Imprezza into VW Beetle. Any tips?

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I've recently been told that I can put the 1.6 Subaru Impreza engine in to the VW Beetle.

I have a '72 Beetle (lowered, black with flames!!) with a cracked crank case and the sniff of a donor vehicle. Has any one done it? Can the gear- box be used at all?

Please help me if you can, adaptor plate suppliers, wiring diagrams etc very gratefully received


posted by  sarge1234567890

Yes you can... but please don't. Keep it all VW but if you must. :doh:


posted by  vwhobo

As most here know, I don't come at this from a purist perspective, as I have no qualms doing bizzare engine swaps. But swaps should have some sort of economic or power benefit, and frankly, the Subaru 1.6 into a VW Beetle has neither. It would cost less to get more power from a replacement VW engine.

Not only do you have to work out the bits about connecting the engine in there, you need to run a radiator wher the air can get to it. That generally means up front where your spare tire would go, and cutting louvers in the front hood, then running the air out under the car. Besides the plumbing hassles, you'll have to repaint your front hood... And you simply can't get much power from the Subaru 1.6.

No, teh Bug is one of the few cars where swapping out the engine to a non VW/Porsche unit simply doesn't make much sense.

posted by  ChrisV

:thumbs: Cheers for the info! The purist in me is still fighting a little too, but when opportunity raises its head... :hi:

posted by  sarge1234567890

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