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Is anyone out there interested in these cars if so please let me know. This is what i want for my first car and i have a rough idea of what i would like done to it but i just want some help and advice.


Shannon (UK)

posted by  Shannon_04

I love pug 306's!
I recomend that you go for the 1.9, 3dr, turbo diesel. The reason being that peugeots diesels are much better than their petrols. However, a non turbo version simply lacks any real power. So, the 1.9 Turbo diesel is, in my opinion, the cream of the crop. Insurance, you'd have thought would be an issue, but not with the 1.9 td, as its only group 5. The diesels are good for 150,000 plus miles before any serious problems arise, and usualy have good fuel economy.


posted by  Slado

cheerz 4 that, but wouldn't a diesel be quite slow?


posted by  Shannon_04

not those turbo deisles are nice... turbo for the power, diesel for the torque

posted by  mazda6man

Yeah im gonna have to agree, the turbo diesel is a wolf in sheeps clothings. definatly the only 306 you should be thinking about. Does it have to be a new car?? Have you ever been out in a 205 GTI?? either the 1.6 or 1.9?? Just that anything performance is gonna be expensive for your first car.

posted by  terribleturner

The Pug 306 is hardly a slow car. before mods you are looking at 0-60 in 11 seconds , however it is the torque that makes it stand out with a 145 lbs per foot available.

Unlike a twin cam 16 valve engine the 306 TD won't thrown you into the back of the chair giving your passenger whip lash off at the lights! However once out of 1st gear this car pulls like no other hatch and before you know it you have left everyone behind. Adding an induction kit and performance exhaust only makes it faster

Towards higher gears ie 4th and 5th whilst driving on motorways this car will pull away from most others.........essential for that last minute overtaking when you are stuck behind a nissan micra!

posted by  Jonybravo

Oh yeah I forgot to mention

THE BEST thing about the 306 td is that you get a Turbo 1.9 litre engine and an insurance group rating of 5...........excellent for a 1st timer

posted by  Jonybravo

Talk about a slow starting Topic lol.The 306D Turbo is probably one of the better French Diesels, although saying that, Peugeot/Citroen do make some of the best diesels out there, or used to anyways, now others seem to be catching up with things :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

Sup all. Back again, but still without my damm pug. If anyone has any idea where i can get a nice pug 306 td, please let me know!
Laters ;)

posted by  Slado

Thanks everyone for your help, all this information has come in very handy!!! Shannon

posted by  Shannon_04

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