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Sup all. I will soon be purchasing a pug 306 turbo diesel. I will however, want to tune it up a little as soon as i do but don't have a clue on where to start?
If anyone has any useful ideas, please post them.

posted by  Slado

The first thing you need to do is go to Halfords and purchase the Haynes / Maxpower Pug 306 manual for modifiers. This book will tell you everything you need to know, everything you can do and also how to do it.

I have had my 306 td for 3 months now and it is wicked. I have new 17inch bk racing alloys with Toyo's.

Piper back box system, Sony Stereo, K&N filter, and under car neons,

The alloys were fitted by the shop I bought them from, I got the back box from Halfords and Charlie Browns fitted it for a mere £20. The neons cost £100 and an ICE shop fitted them for £40

But def buy the book cos it tells you everything you need to know.........hours of reading fun

posted by  Jonybravo

I'll move this to the right place :banghead: , but before that, I'll add to the topic.....Isn't the only worthwhile performance mod you can do on a diesel, a Superchip.....Or is that more than a boyracers wage will pay for?

posted by  Cliffy

Cheers for the info dudes.
However i have yet to purchase that dream car, so if anyone knows where i can find a nice pug 3066 td, please send me an email as i don't often visit this forum.
Have fun.

posted by  Slado

It depends how much you know about diesels and tuning engines, you can do alsorts of things to increase perfromance not just chipping but there arnt that many places which have the expertise, for exmaple you can increase the size of the turbo, or fit a twin turbo, you could always put a larger diesel in, for example the 2.2hdi 6 speed out of the C5 will fit pretty easily. new cam shafts, verniers, DOHC head, the posibiltites are endless. There was a racing series a few years ago using 306 diesels and they were geting 200- 230bhp out of there engines, and masses of torque.

You need to know what your doing, and alot of people dont in the main.

posted by  cinqyg

First of all I'm not sure what a 306 td is.. I assume you mean a dturbo or a. XLDT or an XRDT or an XTDT or anything else that uses the pre-HDi turbo diesel engine.

Cliffy - you can't chip this engine because it doesn't have an ECU, you twonk!

The main methods for tuning a 306 this engine without new parts are:

1. maximum fuel screw - allow more fuel into the engine
2. boost compensation setting
3. rev limiter
4. turbo waste gate

You can get the engine to about 130 bhp like this before the extra pressure and heat generated by the turbo will probably blow the head gasket.

To get more power more you can upgrade the air filters, exhaust and fit uprated intercooling.

posted by  bobajobrob

hi! i found this searching google for tuning a turbo diesel and think that my bx 1,7 td has the same engine. what i don't understand is what means rev limiter, cos i don't heard of enything like that in a bx. how does it looks, what do i have to search for? i don't have the haynes unfortunately and can't find it in romania... hope is something typical for the pug 306 :banghead:

oops i forgot to tell that my engine comes from a pug 405 xrdt 1991, is it possible to have the same rev limiter?


posted by  khan

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