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Ebay Scams and me
I've seen a few car scams on this forum as well as a civic club. I've actually seen a guy steal pictures out of the members rides section of 7thgencivic and then post the car for sale on ebay.

SO, I thought I would post up the site that a buddy of mine has been working on with me. We're hoping that car clubs, or whatever will post up some scams they find in the forums to help people out. We ended up catching 3 cars illegally being sold on ebay the week after the civic one. So we decided to start up a forum where they could try to trace them down.

The site really can't be found right now in search engines, but we're planning on getting the site "live" in like a week.

There is still a lot more that has to be added, but I'd love for people to check it out and be so kind as to register. Hopefully if the number or people grows some, we can really put a dent in the scum on ebay.

That's really what we're hoping for here.

AND... my final request. If you find or hear of any shady stuff going down on ebay.... POST IT or let me know. We want to let people to know that there is a lot of bad stuff going down on ebay.

Just Register, and Notify the board if anything crazy would shop up. We'll take it from there and try to remove them from ebay and whatnot.

I appreciate it a lot.

If you belong to any other car threads or forums, please spread the word. I've seen 2 car problems within the last month on other car forums. So I know it's all over the place.

thanks in advance for your help guys!!

posted by  KmanScam

by the way, we're going to hit 17k page views today!!!!

thanks to those that helped us out.

posted by  KmanScam

Is it just me or are more and more ad people comeing to this forum every day? :screwy:

posted by  StiMan

so I have ADD? as in attention defecit disorder?

do a search on the word "scam" and tell me how many things pop up for you.

This is the way it is on the THOUSANDS of car forums on the net. The only way that scamboards can put a dent in the scams is by having car forums put a sticky or something up.

We worked with the FBI on the last scam to trace people down. I get nothing from it other than knowing it took one more scam off ebay. I pay 100% of the hosting bills,etc. No money is generated from the site.

I just posted because obviously there are a lot of people on this forum that are being scammed as well.

posted by  KmanScam

Not ADD, ads I mispelled it, sorry. I was simply agreeing with you while adding the fact that there is, or was, a no- advertisement policy on CF, but I guess not anymore. Hope you do well with you site.

posted by  StiMan

DUDE, i f*cking told you this was not allowed...and looks like you went against my order...which is not cool.

posted by  SuperJew

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