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Ok basically i was looking at jettas and my spoiled friend overheard me a got one..... :cussing: so now he just purchased a certified preowned 2003 jetta GLI VR6....i was looking at vr6 and the 1.8t now since my friend just got this and my dad doesnt want me spending alot of money on it like 20 grand or so more like maybe 17 ne ways i know the 03 vr6 has 200 hp and the 1.8t has 180....does the extra 20 hp justify the vr6 considering its probably more heavy to. And i know the vr6 is 6 spd and the 1.8t is 5 spd. basically what i am asking is if I got a 1.8t would he spank me? and does the 6 spd make a big difference thanks

p.s. i know the 2002 and below vr6 have 174 hp is ther that much of a difference in speed between the 02 and below vr6 to the 03 and up??

posted by  Doboy787

any help would be useful

posted by  Doboy787

I believe you would want the VR6 because of more power, and the extra gear means that you can go faster in the long run. You could just get the 1.8T and put a bigger turbo in it, or just get the VR6 and put a turbo in it. You could also get the Golf GTI. That thing has a VR6 and ways a whole lot less. I suspect you could "spank" him in that stock, but I dont really know. Hows that for definative! :thumbs:

posted by  StiMan

it's more ea$y to modifiate the 1.8T beacause the engine have a turbo

posted by  VWAudi

Who sounds cool? :banghead: :screwy:

posted by  StiMan

uh, if you're in the states you could look at getting the R32 which is the GTI revamped and given it's power to weight ratio back to the good old days when the GTI first came out of the stable and kicked everone's butt. but if your in Canada and have the ca$h for mods get a golf w/VR6 and have it turboed no other VW will be a match for that many ponies under the hood

posted by  euro_driver

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