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alright, I've heard that the '98 Jetta GLX VR6 is a piece of junk, electrically. I saw one for sale with 46k miles on it, and was told edmunds.com was a good place for reviews on cars.

i went their and saw that the consumer reviews were pretty much 50/50 on the quality of the car - though there seemed to be some serious issues with power locks/windows, alarm, and various other issues. unfortunately I really like this car.

is 5-6k on the Jetta I mentioned, with 46k miles, a pretty good deal? - i saw it booked for about 9k on nada.com

or is it really a piece of shit that I shouldn't think about? has anyone owned one with close to 100k or more miles on it that can give me any insight to the car?

any information about it is greatly appreciated, thanks all

posted by  Joeh

I am not a VW owner, but I do listen to CAR TALK on PBS. I admire the VW Passat and Jetta line, but heard the hosts of Car Talk say once that VW products are prone to oil leaks, and they have reservations about the cars. Maybe you cd check out their website for elaboration.

posted by  bradpers

Hey, I have a 98 Jetta glx vr6 and i love it. It has given me a few electical problems but im going on 75k miles and it runs great.

posted by  GENES

I've been running my jetta hard for quite sometime and this is what I have learned. If you treat them right, they'll never abandon you. Do regular oil changes and check ups. The most that will go wrong is your electrical system. Some of which can honestly be ignored. For example one of my rear windows no longer rolls down, a couple hundred bucks and she'd be good as new, or since its a relatively minor aspect of this vehicle you could just ignore it until you can't take it any longer. The point is, every part of this car that matters meaning engine and "important" electrical aspects will run in tip top shape. In fact with my car, I have been waiting for something major to go wrong and it just won't. On a final thought, use your gut instinct with mechanics or educate youself on how to keep your Jetta running. With mechanics ALWAYS get a second opinion this has paid out thousands of dollars for me.


posted by  JettaGrly

I've owned many MKIII's and only have minor electrical problems(Cruise Control & windows)

posted by  volklover

my cruise control deal has been my only problem, sort of annoying but you learn to give up on it, not a great feature anyways :laughing:

posted by  vwjn311


posted by  99integra

VW's are usually known for minor electrical problems.... usually not a big deal. whent he big electrical problems occur is when their owners are irresponsible idiots. otherwise..... well, they are just cars that need to be well taken care of.

posted by  Inygknok

i've got a 98 jetta glx vr6 and i beat on it all of the time and i have the same problems with it. my back windows don't work and my cruise control only works when it wants to. one time i stepped on the brake when i was getting off the highway and it turned back on all by itself lol

posted by  whiskeygirl666

oh yeah, my jetta has 137k miles on it and there's never been a problem with it besides the windows and the cruise control. i bought it used last year, then i crashed it, but it still runs fine :oops:

posted by  whiskeygirl666

i own a 1998 vr6 jetta glx and it has 108,452 miles on it. It had been running great for me and i had to replace the 02 censors but other then that i really haven't had any problems with it. The important thing to know is just really keep the maintence up on your car and it should last forever.don't just write stuff off likes it not a big deal, it's better to take care of the little stuff so you won't have to end up paying big money later. I love my jetta and just take care it like i should and then in return the car will take care of you.

posted by  greenezzy05

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