anyone ever installed turbocharger in Z4?

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anyone ever installed turbocharger in a BMW Z4? i never see or heard anyone have turbocharger in z4 b4.

posted by  BigBadBrat

Hey your an idiot!! z4 are gay and for guys like you, idiot. :finger: :finger: :fu: :fu: :cussing: :cussing: :cussing:

posted by  CarEXPERT

That was purely opinion and not really wanted. Please don't diss on someone unless they diss you first.

I can't find any turbochargers out there made for it, probably a custom job needed.

posted by  Godlaus

He never said supercharger man he said "TURBOCHARGER" :doh:
And i dont know why you would want to turbo a z4 anyways. Costs too much and not worth it.

posted by  CarEXPERT

if you dont like z4 doesnt mean im gay... your the gay one u lil biitch. ill throw you down the no0b pit and see if you can find your way up

its a free country! different people have different taste and opinion so fuk off my jock

posted by  BigBadBrat

nowhere in Godlause state supercharger. :banghead: Now pull your out of that hole and read the post, and don't quote then edit other people messages.

posted by  Coffin Type R

I hate to stand up for the little prick, but... He did a straight quote. Godlaus came along and edited it after the fact. You owe someone an apology and someone else the flame.

posted by  vwhobo

My mistake. I am sorry :oops:

posted by  Coffin Type R

Its all good man. :thumbs:

posted by  CarEXPERT

Z4's are tight cars man...much much better than the Z3's...

Course they are a bit expenisve...around 40k for the 3.0 liter version but it's BMW so what do you expect.

I drove one at the BMW's drive for the cure and they were hella nice. 2nd only to the 330i w/the Sport package I drove that day...

I think you might want to look into Active Autowerks in Miami or perhaps Dinan. They might have some turbo kits made for the 3 series BMW 2.5 liter or 3.0 liter engine...or maybe a supercharger. Dont give up man


posted by  NISSANSPDR

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