306 xsi/S16 vs VR6 - which one?

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Hi everyone - I have a 97 VR6 but getting sick of having an auto and want a manual which will handle like on rails. I could get a manual vr6 but will it handle as well as an xsi or S16? I use to have an xsi - 1994 - but a year or so back it started to fall to pieces. I don't want this to happen again - was this a once off or is it symptomatic of all or most 306's? Also the 306 feels so much more compact and sportier. So what would you all do and why?

posted by  Blake

peugeots are nice when they're new but they always fall to pieces after a couple of years

posted by  pornking

I'm in agreement of that lol....although they are getting better now.

I'm a lil confused, are you saying that you'd expect a manual variant of your VR6 to handle differently to the Automatic?...the only difference will be performance, which in turn could affect handling lol...anyways, I suggest going for a manual VR6 merely because of driver involvement....not nessesarily handling! :thumbs:

Hope that made sense, and good luck!

posted by  Cliffy

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