Hi Everyone- Question about BMW 320D SE - can someone help?

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Hi everyone.

I've recently bought a late 2001 BMW 320D SE, and the car is fantastic - one small problem though, is that, when idling in neutral (or in gear with the clutch in), at traffic lights etc, the revs seem to waver every 10 seconds or so - like it's sitting at 800 and then, just for a few seconds, will drop to 5 or 600 the rev counter needle will shake for a few seconds and then recover again.

Appears to be OK when driving...

I bought the car with a 3 month warranty, so if this IS a problem, I'd like to know what it is before I go to the garage...

hopefully someone can help!

Thanks all!


posted by  nidgemo

nothing serious, could be weather messin with the engine (cold/hot), but seeming it's new, just have a teeny check, got the warrenty for a reason :laughing:

posted by  Zenith


I have had a e36 for 5 years now, its has always done what yours is doin, it doesnt not seem to be a problem although ocasionally it does stall. I have taken the car to many people and no one seems to know what is causing it. Must point out that mine only does it when i have raced the car and warmed it up alot.


posted by  e36rs2

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