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I just bough a scion xb and heard that that there were hidden "easter eggs" if you know of any please tell me thanks :wink2:

posted by  scion Xb

Well, you have to cock the wheels all the way to the right, turn on the hazards, roll down all the windows and turn the radio all the way up while circling in reverse with the car in nuetral and you will get to hear a commentary track on designing the xB (including what drugs they were on at the time) from the head of Scion design.

Oh yeah, almost forgot: make sure you have a passenger in every seat or this won't work. :laughing:

posted by  Gothicaleigh

What exactly is the automotive equivalent of an "easter egg"?

Maybe if you wait until spring you will be able to smell them... :p

...and Scion is made by Toyota. That makes it Asian, not European (wrong forum).

posted by  Gothicaleigh

First off you man don't have to be rude to the guy, and yes there are so called "easter Eggs" There are also more you can find just by googling them.

what are the hidden radio welcome messages on the tC head unit (works with 1st gen scion pioneer head units)?
these are what we call 'easter eggs'. some people consider them silly and that they aren't 'needed', but honestly, have any other car makers out there been as creative as scion with offering stuff like this? no, i didn't think so you pontiac g6 lover! ok, on the standard pioneer head units that are included on every scion (so far), there are some custom, pre-set welcome messages. follow these steps to get the message you want:

welcome message

first, you must be in "secret function mode" before you enter in the following codes. to enter into secret function mode, do the following: with the key turned off, press and hold 'A' on the head unit and turn the key to 'ACC'. you will now be in secret function mode and you have 15 seconds to perform the code of your chose below.


press and hold 'M' 'A' and '2' simutaneously. now turn the key to off.


press and hold 'A' and 'TEXT' simutaneously and turn the key so 'ACC' is off.


from the AM setting, press and hold "FOLDER UP' and 'SCAN' simultaneously and turn the key so 'ACC' is off.

(Scion In Japanese)

insert cd and set to track number 2, press and hold 'Folder Down' and 'Text' simultaneously and turn the key so 'ACC' is off.

posted by  Aciidsneaker

Nobody was being rude, were they? Oh, and you do realise how old this is, don't you?

posted by  Cliffy

Isn`t Scion american .

posted by  g_aristov

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