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I just bought a 2001 Volkswagen Jetta 1.8T wolfsburg edition, manual, and i love it, it's sweet, two of my friends bought 2004 jetta gli's, and that extra 30hp they have is killing me! lol, they have 180 hp and i have 150hp, in 2002 they changed the engine a little. What mods, or products can i get for a low budget if i want to increase my 150hp to 180 hp? Can i do this if i have a warranty with my dealer? Will they care if i put a chip in it? I know absolutely nothing about cars, or chips, or mods, so if someone could educate me a little and give suggestions on something under a grand total, i'd love to listen. Maybe just an intake and exhaust would give me 30hp? please write back with any comments or questions, also my email is ....thanks.... -Dave

posted by  mrdavid88

by the way, there are only 36k miles on that jetta. Thanks -DAVE

posted by  mrdavid88

So I am not sure, but my bf owns a VW tuner shop, you should ask him.

Just thought I could try and help :wink2:

posted by  VWg60CabbyGrrl

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