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We just got an 02 firebird formula at work..all wheels are cracked and need tires so we are lookin for a set of stock chromies, or anything else that may fit (corvette wheels??)

Also we have a hole in the block only after 52k miles. Looking for a motor. V8, auto trans if it matters

Parts will need to be shipped to Philadelphia, I can take our work truck and pick them up locally if needed.

P.S. we preffer wheels with tires, but without will do as well.


posted by  newyorker

You're best bet will be LS1tech. The for sale section will have what you're looking for, but you might get lucky in the Eastern members section and not have to pay shipping.

posted by  giant016

Thanks, we already found some Trans Am wheels local, chrome 17s I think my boss said, now we just need a motor and to pull the flame vinyls off that the idiot put on the car before we bought it

posted by  newyorker

Dude, c'mon it's a FIREbird. Without flames it would just be another bird.

posted by  giant016

LMFAO all I know is it was probbably owned by some redneck. The original title is registered in Indiana, and the motor is blown at 52k miles and we found an empty tin of Skoal in the glovebox lol

posted by  newyorker

Man, I've never heard of a blown LS1 below 100k unless somebody ran a 250shot or something. Piston slap or a spun bearing, yeah. Hole in the block? No. Sounds like somebody went Richard Pryor on the poor gal.

Anyways when you do go to sell it I'd list it on LS1tech. 100,000+ Fbody enthusiasts on there, and an 02 Formula is pretty desirable.

posted by  giant016

Well our best guess during a 13 hour drive was a seized motor..probbably a lack of maintenance on the owner's part, but we dont really know nor care, we buy them, fix them, and turn a profit

posted by  newyorker

What kind of a car owner was that? Seriously, this car is in much better hands now.

posted by  jdgomez

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