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Last year, the Cadillac CTS-VR made an amazing and ultimately controversial entrance into the SCCA Speed World Challenge GT at it's season opener in Sebring by taking a 1-2 podium finish (the second after stalling on the grid and pushing it's way through the whole pack). This out of the gate dominance prompted the SCCA to place restrictions upon the car beyond the normal weight additions. By the end of the year, Cadillac still had a respected and successful race record on it's hands. The competition is more powerful this year and should lead to less restrictions and more competitive racing.

2004 Season Final Point Standings

1 Tommy Archer, Dodge Viper
2 Michael Galati, Audi RS 6
3 Max Angelelli, Cadillac CTS-V
4 Randy Pobst, Audi RS 6 204
5 Andy Pilgrim, Cadillac CTS-V
6 Phil McClure, Corvette Z06
7 Mike McCann(R), Dodge Viper
8 Leighton Reese, Corvette Z06
9 Tim Wiens, Dodge Viper 143
10 Lou Gigliotti, Corvette Z06

1 Audi................51
2 Cadillac...........48
3 Dodge.............36
4 Chevrolet.........35

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SCCA Speed World Challenge GT 2005

Round 1 - Sebring

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Round 3 - Road Atlanta

Cadillac finishes 1-2-3 and once again inspires controversy.

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There are CTS-V's in the World Challenge GT class? Damn, I always watch the touring. I dislike GT because of the car classes. I mean cmon` Dodge Vipers, Z06's, and 911's racing against RS6's, M3's and CTS-V's? Seems a little bit dodgy when you have high performance sports coupes racing performance sedans and the performance sedans are placing higher than the sports coupes that tend to cost $5-15K more. Hell even the CTS-V placed higher than the CorvetteZ06, something is definetly wrong with that picture..

Anywhos, its amazing that the CTS-V can hold its own to Viper's, 911's, and Corvette's when its evidently clear that the BMW M3 team is lacking in this race. Especially since the cars all have stock engine components, and no modifactions other than balancing and cam tuning is allowed. The cars are practically stock aside from weight reductions, fuel tanks, brakes, and minor suspension modifications...

posted by  DSMer

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