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Oohhhhh Vickers pissed me off so bad....spinning out Bliss on the final straightaway of the shootout for the final spot in the Challenge....I would have loved it if Bliss had managed to win going sideways across the grass!

As for the race itself....effin STEWART taking out Nemechek, and causing a 9-car wreck. And then there was that spat between Nemechek and Harvick, which was just funny lol, because Harvick shouldnt have been mad at Nemechek, but rather at Stewart.

But props to the man of the evening, Mark Martin! His final year of racing, and he wins the All Star Challenge. But! Rousch has promised Martin a car for next years Challenge, which Martin has an automatic entry into, as he won this years Challenge, so he will be back for a one time appearance.

Anyone else see the race?

posted by  dodgerforlife

lol i woulda like to see them fight WITHOUT HELMETS lol an to have see JR. win it but oh well lol

posted by  hhsrastler92

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