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6 cars ran in the American grand prix, because the teams wanted the track changed due to blowouts on the final turn with their michelin tires. shoud they stop whining and be quiet, or shoud the track be changed? :screwy:

posted by  MOPAR

In racing, if you don't come prepared for the track, you don't get to win, or have everything changed around until you CAN win. The track has been unchanged for 7 years. there is enough data on how it trats cars. You do your homework, or you lap slower (like the Minardi team usually does).

Bridgestone came prepared. Michelin didn't. Too bad, so sad. Be prepared next time.

posted by  ChrisV

Its not like Michelin didn't know what the track was like and the conditions of it. If they knew what the tires should have been then what happened?

posted by  99integra

i rly dont watch indy or F1 cause 1. they dont show it that much on TV 2. im nvr rly home 2 watch it but ive cn clips an it looks like it could b cool
i rly wanna watch a race lol :thumbs:

posted by  hhsrastler92

no i think that all of that stuff is complete BS if they knew that the tires were bad then they should have released it to the public earlier and found an alternative to complete the race.the fans got screwed out of what could've been a good race :cussing: :cussing: and no they should not put the chicane in F1 turn 13 because that would screw up the nascar and the indy races there if the FIA doesn't like it then they need to find a different venue. :fu:

posted by  mx3_monster

it was a rather useless race to watch. i watched it before school and found out that only 6 cars were racing i turned the tv off. absolutley stupid.

posted by  ahoo

Like you said, only 3 teams raced. The others wanted it changed, shouldn't that tell you something. The guys who know the sport best wanted it changed so I think it should be.

posted by  The Bhoys

Thats because the majority of teams use Michelin tyres. Why should they be let off the hook for their own mistakes?

posted by  fudge

There is a really good artical about what really went down in car and driver this month....page 9

posted by  Fastback


posted by  jedimario

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