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hi yes i have a 96 mustang gt that rides like hell and it bottoms out on really big bumps i changed my shocks and put some kybs on them wasnt to happy so sent them back and got some monroe shocks still no diffrence still a very harrsh ride dont know if its just how mustang s ride cuz this is my first so im not very good but i want to put some springs and shocks and struts on there thinking about eibach pro kit let me know if u think that will make a diffrence on things and would like to get some more imput on other people and what there using

posted by  Lsubadboy

Perhaps you should post this in the Repairs/Maintenece section

posted by  97Talonchik

I think its just that your not used to the ride of the Mustang, but by all means, do whatever to the car that you need to to get the right feel out of it.

posted by  FordFromHell351

ya it could be i dont know i want to go with the fms springs B rated but i dont know if the 1 1/8 inch lower is going to be low enough but then i seen alot of people talking if u go the 2 inch drop it scraps and u hit on bottoms going into some speed bumps so im still like i dont know i want the low look but still like dont know if i want to go with the eibach sportline and drop it 2 inchs

posted by  Lsubadboy

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