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anybody ever run an enduro race? i ran one last year and trashed my car after one race. there was cars, trucks, jeeps and vans running for a total of about 60 cars. we ran 50 laps one way and 50 the other. i had a 78 olds delta 88 with a olds 350 and 2 passengers. started out ok but on lap 5 i got a flat and things just got worse from there, ended up breaking the left front tie rod, both motor mounts, witch caused the motor to jump around and cut both hoses for the radiator, and overheated my car, i also busted up my shifter linkage, slashed a back tire so the tube was coming through, and tore all the rear brake lines off the frame. ended up making 37 laps before we switched and 12 more the other way before she overheated it was fun though. i have another oldsmobile with a 307, it runs like shit, got it from a junkyard for free though so i cant complain. ive learned from my mistakes and im going to give her another shot tomorrow night. the thing is, im not really into the racing as much as i am into bumping into people :hi: ill have 3 passengers this time too. my friend is running a standard shift hyunda excel hatchback as well. last year he ran a decomissioned 93 crown vic police interceptor

posted by  adamc44

Good luck man, make sure to take pics, hope it doesn't happen like last time

posted by  chris_knows

Lol, we have a 76 Olds, but doesnt look that beaten up! :laughing:
Good luck man! :thumbs:

posted by  StiMan

have fun and good luck

posted by  black_plague

bummed out, it got cancelled due to fog. ill try it agian in a couple weeks oct 1

posted by  adamc44

i was just wondering if any body knew where i could get a couple good tires that would fit on 15 inch rims for my 1986 olds cutlass supreme. That wouldnt cost me an arm and a leg. :thumbs:

posted by  muddyman40

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