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Hey Guys Im 17 years old and next summer I plan on spending around $3,000 CND on a 250cc dirtbike (around 1995). I was looking for a dirt bike on ebay just for kicks and saw a ad. The ad for a JET bike that claims its as good as honda or yamaha. Its only $899.00 US brand new. Im from canada so I would have to pay fees to get it shiped over. Im just wonder if this is a good idea. Or is this wanabe just a piece of crap? heres the Link. I don't know what do you guys think? I want to do some small jumps (around 20 feet) so would this thing have good enough suspension

go to this link ( _W0QQitemZ7184493557QQcategoryZ98082QQcmdZViewItem)

One wierd thing I noticed was that all the pictures they had of someone jumping was on a Honda CR or a yamaha. Why don't that have pictures of there bikes jumping. A lot of the stuff on it looks cheap like the front forks look pretty
skinny (but I guess it would have to be cheap to have such a cheap price). One thing that I like about it (besides the price) is that it has a 34" seat hight which would fit me nice (I'm five foot seven)

theres also a whole bunch of other bikes that are cheaper.
Check out the other ones that are brand new. Zkm?

Also heres another bike (200cc Viva) ( _W0QQitemZ7189345992QQcategoryZ98082QQcmdZViewItem)

I want a bike that is powerful (but not too powerful becuse I am a newbie on dirt bikes) and good for jumping and maybe in the future lisence it for street use.

Whats better JET or Viva? (the viva looks like a better quality bike to me)

posted by  dan_plus_o

Get a Vespa, those things are actually pretty fast...don't know about the jumps though :doh:

posted by  chris_knows

The first one is really cheap. I always thought that bikes went for way more. In general that is. I just found out that the Suzuki GSX-R I want is not $25,000 but only $3,000 used. :smoke:

posted by  6000LE

hey i have a gran turismo vespa.. its pretty fast... but i dont think you want to go showing off a moped to anyone... :oops:
and really i have NEVER heard of JeT bikes... id steree clear... ive heard of viva... but why not a regular honda or somthing nice like that?

posted by  behind_thewheel

I would stay away from it and buy something you have heard of

posted by  bigdaveangell

i have a honda xr250 i would be willing to part with. it is very fast.

posted by  bebopin64

Way to revive an old thread. :clap: And sorry, your xr250 is not fast, you are just trying to trick a beginner.

That Jet bike is a pos and a total rip off its just a cheap noname brand trying to rip you off so stay away from it.

posted by  Benson

the xr250 seems fast to me. i topped it out at 85 and i shure wont do 85 on a motocross track. im not trying to trick anybody, i especially cant trick a beginner because i am a beginner.

posted by  bebopin64

I have to side with Benson on this one your XR250 is not fast...if anyone is lookin for a bike i got 6 i wouldnt mind parting with lol
02' CR125
01' CR125
05' CRF50F
98' CR250
97' CR85 Expert
05' CRF250F

Almost nothing on these bikes are stock:laughing:
I used to race and now im sellin everything but my baby(05' CRF450F)

posted by  Tech_N9ne

i bet half the people who see this on the thread list think its a jet powered dirtbike..

i know i did at first hahaha

posted by  nighthawk

How much for the 125's? Just one of them though.

posted by  Nickboxer7

theyre gone now....sorry

posted by  Tech_N9ne

Well I noticed this a while back but this topic is revived, since when did they make an 85cc in 1997?

posted by  Benson

they didnt... its a 2004 85cc motor and a 1997 frame....i just made it outa spare parts, i had alot of spare time lol

posted by  Tech_N9ne

Ohh I see.

posted by  Benson

its more of like at novelty thing even tho its fast

posted by  Tech_N9ne

If you were smart stay with a 1999-2004 Suzuki/Honda/Yamaha 250's They're Known And I've bought a 500$ 50cc Dirt Bike For Kicks. It Sucked.. So Just Sayin. Cheap Things Are Hard Too Be Repared (Unless You Can Do It) And Replacing Parts Is Super Hard On Unknown Bikes.. So.... I Say Suzuki 250 :)

posted by  evanstud08

Advice is useless considering this guy hasn't came back since he registered, I really doubt he even saw the first response.

posted by  Benson

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