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heres some clips of demo derby action. some may work for ya :clap: some may not :banghead: . enjoy. :mrgreen:*demo17

posted by  adamc44

Nice find...I'm downloading all of the ones that I can :laughing:

posted by  chris_knows

nice i like the third one the best :2cents:

posted by  mx3_monster

one more..

posted by  adamc44*torygbp

big ass file but awesome hits. worth the wait. listen to some of those motors.*de mo17
one more

suicide door lincoln

ill post these periodically on here as i get them so you guys can just check back.

right click and save 2 rollovers...

posted by  adamc44
banger racing from europe CAUTION brief nudity :hi:

posted by  adamc44

nice find. i didn't realize derby was so cool until now.

posted by  gokartracer

banger racing in europe...this guy does live...

and more banger racing...

posted by  adamc44

That vid is crazy!

posted by  StiMan

glad you guys like them...heres a short one. chrysler imperial gets slammed*bowtieboy241

posted by  adamc44

Does that 'Banger Racing' only take place in Europe? That looks pretty cool/fun and would sweet to do.

posted by  car_crazy89

yea, pretty sure is just a european thing, most of em just go out there to wreck each other, as you can see from the video, they follow one another in....the american version is enduro racing, but most american cars dont fold like a pop can.

posted by  adamc44

Well it looks more fun to follow another guy in rather then run from them lol. Looks pretty sweet, some of them do seem to crumple alot and you wonder if anyone gets hurt. I'd love to (and hope to) do derbys and enduro racing (this year if lucky), always thought they looked like fun.

posted by  car_crazy89

two guys let there girlfriends run thier cars in a field. ones a 72 caprice the others a 74 gran fury. the caprices throttle sticks and the furys trans gets broke all in one hit. this clip sucks.

couple more...*demo17

redline baby!!! not much here just some guy over revin his motor lol!*demo17

posted by  adamc44

just found this stuff and thought it was interesting. htis is what banger racings roll cage consists of. ill copy and paste everything.....

This is a typical banger roll cage also called the "H-FRAME" - these are the main piece of safety equipment. They bolt in through the roof and the floor behind the driver's seat - a small gas tank is mounted on the frame and the batteries go in a box or on a tray mounted to the frame. The plates on the ends of the cross bar stop the doors collapsing. Designs vary according to driver preference. This particular H-frame is adjustable for width and height so it can be used in different size cars. A good frame will last you years.

This shows the view inside the car of a fitted H-FRAME - the seat is chained or tied to the frame and often also to the driver's door B-post to stop it deforming. The standard seat belts are replaced with a race harness.

The driver's compartment is the most heavily strengthened area of the car. A large plate goes over the door and is bolted thru both door pillars, another plate bolts into the floor, and there are also often clamps around the door frames and a load of welding. In conjunction with the H-frame this causes the car to bend round the driver - there is a lot more to banger prep than that, but that's the basic principle
This car was well prepared and when it received the "big one" it bent round the driver who got out perfectly unharmed.

I'll do a website one day for you guys who are interested in the detail of a banger build - it is certainly very different to how you do things for a lot of your derbies.

Additional safety equipment we always use that I think you guys don't always use:

- Fireproof overalls
- Dry powder fire extinguisher
- 4 or 5 point race harness
- Emergency fuel cut off valve
- Emergency electrical cut-out switch

I've been interested to read about these "mouth gaurds" some of you wear - not something we do over here - never even seen it suggested before

posted by  adamc44

How about just a football helmet? :laughing:

Good idea, making a website...if you do, let me know...I will probably be doing derbies after getting my license, and feel comfortable ramming people at full speeds, with cars that have massive engines :laughing:

posted by  chris_knows

guy (82) had to video tape them off his tv......

heres one i posted along time ago....couple women going crazy in the parking lot. just for the record, id put my money on the tempo if they were in an arena.....4 cyl class of course....

posted by  adamc44

first video by this guy so it really sucks. but here it is a little compact action!
pacers kickin ass...

posted by  adamc44

There's an old banger racing game you can download for nothing... its about 100 meg

It was done about 5 years ago as a conversion of "Carmageddon" by some computer studies students for their university project.

There are lots of American cars on here - all of which are computerised versions of real cars that were banger raced - all the driver's names, cars and colour schemes are replicas of real banger drivers.

Controls are the same as Carmageddon:

forward - numberpad 8
back/brake - numberpad 5
left - numberpad 4
right - numberpad 6
hand brake - spacebar
in-car view - c
recover car - numberpad DEL
repair car - numberpad 0 (you cheater!)

It's out of date and it isn't really an accurate sim of banger racing in a lot of ways, but hey it's FREE and I still think it's good fun - 90% of the "races" you can win by wrecking everything else and being the last man running, but a few of them you have to actually beat the clock.

You need to use the handbrake to get round a few of the tracks quickly.

You can pull off some huge "follow ins" on this game!!!

IF THIS WON'T WORK ON YOUR COMPUTER - please don't ask me why, I won't know. Cars are my thing, not Windows!

Older versions of XP apparently need this patch...

and apparently this makes the game work better...

There are some more cars here:

And the thing you need to install them is here:

I don't know if any of this works, I have just found the links on a British website but they may help some of you out?

For those who have not managed to get it to work, heres a couple of screen shots from the site which currently hosts the game download o_-239x175.jpg

posted by  adamc44
figure 8 race

posted by  adamc44¤tDate=20060105¤tDate=20060105&imageNum =0

posted by  adamc44

Lol. I have this game I think. Is it called Demo derby? I found it on the 5.99 rack like 5 yrs ago.

posted by  StiMan

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