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Hey guys....how r ya?

I have some questions.........I have a friend who is going to sell me a 2002 yz 125 for $2000! He has only ridden it eight times at the most, it's never been raced.....but it's been sittin in a garage for 3 years!

Anyway my questions are: Is this a good price- was the 2002 yz 125 bike a good bike and do you think the bike is still alright after sittin for 3 years?


posted by  BreakY0Self

Only one way to tell, test drive it...I think it might be in good condition, but it might be in terrible condition (unlikely)...

posted by  chris_knows

my friends got the same bike expect his is 2001 and he bought it and rode it in his backyard and hes selling it for $1,500 So.. Wonder...

posted by  evanstud08

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