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My Little bro has a Honda 70 "2004" and a KTM 50 Senior "2001"
how much do you think a decent price for each one would be .

The Honda 70 is all Stock
and the KTM 50: Renthal Bars/Semi-New tires
how much would each be worth?

posted by  evanstud08

****ing respond alrdy lol

posted by  evanstud08

why dont u go online and search ****er

posted by  V-Tec

Not that hard...Couldn't find Honda 70, but here's Honda's Bikes from KBB:


and for the KTM, $1,450...
http://www.kbb.com/kb/ki.dll/ke.kb.mr?kbb;945169;&;rc;r&&2001;KTM;50%20SX%2 0Pro%20Sr;2150;11285;;;;&&&&&

Took like 5 minutes with google :doh:

posted by  chris_knows

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