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HI guys in the last year one of Australia's finest racers left our premier class of racing the V8 Supercars and moved to your Truck Racing, His Name is Marcus Ambrose, just wondering if any of you guys have heard of him or have any opions on him as i have been unable to see any of his races for obvious reasons

posted by  DRFT-R

I hope he comes back to V8's soon, I think he might have a guest drive for the endurance rounds such as Bathurst or Sandown this year.

posted by  fudge

hes good, havnt seen him in truck racing yet,
but like MArk Skaife, always watching it when i have the chance

posted by  True_Brit

Trust me i am a true holden man and i love Mark Skaife, but i am quite interested in what americans think of Marcus Ambrose, to be honest i am not a big fan of him, apparanently he came 3rd in his last race, i have never seen a truck race in my life. I doubt he will be back for the enduros, the american circuit is long and hard so don't see were he will be able to fit it in, but i would love for him to come back so that so that skaifey can bet him again

posted by  DRFT-R

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