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anyone watch these or atleast read about these? ive been watching a lot of them lately (downloading anyways) and in my opinion they are pretty darn sweet

posted by  mazda6man

I'm not too sure if what you are talking about is just Drifting (I didn't get the D1 bit...that's what threw me lol) but I'm sure it's amazing stuff..I sure do love all that sliding stuff...great fun to try 'round round-a-bouts over this side of the pond in a Ford Capri too :hi:

edit: obviously I wouldn't wanna encourage the illegal drifting of cars, but it is fun...I'm sure R34etcetc would agree with me as he has a few nice RWD cars of his own and ya just cant beat a RWD Ford on a wet road :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

D1 is the name... heres a logo for it
(not intended for advertizing... incase anyone thinks it is)

posted by  mazda6man

Why don't you go ahead and link it for anyone who's interested. :thumbs:

posted by  vwhobo

sounds good, i think il put down the USA one haha, cuz i dont think many people here speak japanese


posted by  mazda6man

Actually, I do............... :laughing: j/k

posted by  Unfedfat

in case you didnt know, there was a D1GP championship in LA a few months ago, and it was kickass!!! some of the drifts they make are insane, plus you get to see skylines and silvias and they had a carshow and its amazing how long those guys can keep their cars sideways for, i got an AWD talon and ive got that thing pretty sideways myself :smoke:

posted by  Talon TSi

Anyone catch any late matches of the D1GP or have any favorite drivers? favotive drift car? Cmon I know you import guys watch this stuff its the next best thing to the NHRA,NDRA, or IDRC

I myself personally like Yasuyuki Kazama in the S15 Silvia.

posted by  DSMer

drift showoff is the coolest. yoshinori koguchi is my man.

by the way mazda6man, where do you download these drift races from? i only saw two and they where when my brother came back from japan and brought back some movies. he works for manga, who is the owner of INITIAL D, the greatest anime to ever come out.

posted by  High Octane

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