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Has anyone else heard about the Kentucky Speedway's lawsuit against NASCAR? They are suing NASCAR for the meager sum of $1.2 billion in an attempt to steal a Cup race from another track. They want to put every race up for bidding so they can buy one and then who knows what would happen to every other race.

Anyway, this tactic bothers me and I don't want to see races taken from great tracks and moved. Here is an online petition ( you can sign and learn more about this. Enjoy the off weekend everyone and I would be curious to hear if anyone else has read or heard about this.

posted by  ChromeDome

ohwell, its just nascar

posted by  mazda6man

Yeah I never liked nascar. I mean come on it's a bunch of rednecks driving in a circle or excuse me oval about 500 times. Whats the point and or fun in that? The best thing would be the crashes and thats about it.

posted by  Spanky2324

Its all about the family get together man! Get the whole family down to my grammpa's house in St. Pete, cook Beer Bratts (Bratwurst), burgers, hot dogs, watch the race, and spend time with the family.

posted by  99integra

Actually it's all about F1 for me.:wink2:

posted by  elchango36

mazda6man, there are about 75 million NASCAR fans that would disagree with you. NASCAR holds 17 of the top 20 attended sporting events in the U.S. So, I figured maybe somebody on the site would care that their favorite or local track could lose a race because of some disgruntled executive.

If you're not a fan don't check the link, but if you do enjoy watching skilled drivers and as 99integra said, the great atmosphere of a race, you should read about this lawsuit that could ruin the Cup schedule.

Anybody in the Indianapolis area going to the race this weekend? If so you may see some people walking around with the petition I linked to supporting NASCAR.

elchango36, what are your thoughts on Montoya's move to NASCAR?

posted by  ChromeDome

I think that if that's what he wants to do, so be it. He's a talented driver, and I think he still has a few F1 years in him, but if that's what he wants. It's alright though, he'll still be representing Latino's in a sport that's pretty much dominated by Caucasians.

posted by  elchango36

Nascar has immensely increased in popularity over the last few years. It used to be a redneck sport, yep, but now it's more of a wide-ranged fan base.

It's very, very popular. (espn buff right here)

posted by  Bronxie

im sorry if i offend every one of you americans (:laughing: ) but i hate NASCAR, its so boring, watching cars go round in ovals! thats why its always shown on english tv at 3am when nearly everyone is in bed!!!
i dont mind other series like GrandAm and CART

posted by  True_Brit

Lucky for you. Nascar-owned Speed Channel Shows nothing but Nascar everytime I want to watch TV. Reruns of F1 Practice or Qaulifying is always at 2:00 AM over here. :cussing:

posted by  elchango36

its sad really

I know people who have somehow become rednecks with mullets ( i am NOT joking)

just from watching nascar :ticking:

how could a type of race do this?

i actually dont understand

posted by  nighthawk

over here during the daytime we get.
the WRC,
the British Touring Cars,
the F1 (of course)
the British Superbikes,
we occasionally get ASCAR, (which is englands answer to NASCAR) which i somehow find more entertaining???:laughing:

posted by  True_Brit

i like the wrecks=)

posted by  Andrew0261

I'm a fan of BASCAR and of circel track. Anyone who finds it boring (And I find most kinds of racing boring when watching it on TV, especially F1), needs to go to a track like Bristol, or your own local fairgrounds venue, and watch it live. In fact, if you go to a local track you can walk throug the pits and possibly even crew for a local team and see how difficult it is to be competetive.

Circle track is a throwback to Roman Chariot racing in the Colloseum, as wll as track and field racing (both of which were done on oval tracks). Notice that speed skating, relay racing, etc is also done on oval tacks in the same direction? How about a velodrome? Complaining about NASCAR only turning in one direction really is intentionally marginalizing it, and missing out. Plus, in the case of NASCAR, there are also road course events.

Now that I've expressed my support for NASCAR, let me remove my support in this particular matter. NASCAR's desire to do this has put a real problem on the table, namely the wording of the contracts and legislation they want will also eliminate ALL other motorsports event down to the grassroots level. It affects any other road racing, rallye, and even autocross. they tried to do this in Arizona, and failed, as well as in Miami.

posted by  ChrisV

shame NASCAR style racing originated in england on the first oval track in Brooklands! shame also that the war stopped all racing in england!

posted by  True_Brit

Must be something in it to get the attendances. I think it's boring too, but then again I think soccer, gridiron, rugby, F1, baseball and cricket are more boring than Pommy engineer at a strippers convention.:wink2: And I used to play baseball, cricket and soccer.:mrgreen:

posted by  Wally

oh i hate football (soccer to anyone outside the uk who dont understand the proper term:laughing: ), dislike rugby, love cricket, (especially when we beat oz in the ashes:mrgreen: ) and i dont pay any attention to aussie rules football. Sorry Wally

posted by  True_Brit

We had some visiting sports expert from the US in the country a fortnight ago, calling for a ban on Aussie Rules because it was "the most dangerous and violent" (or words to that effect) game in the world. Bloody whoosey.:fu: Obviously he's never seen a Pom at a European soccer match.:mrgreen:

posted by  Wally

did you watch the ashes???
i tried looking for the video where the oz player kept getting hit by the ball every so often in the head and chest!
and the americans saying aussie rules is violent! i suppose boxing isnt, neither is football

posted by  True_Brit

right now nascar is the most popular sport in america

posted by  Stem

so what, its crap:laughing:
ASCAR (anglo-american stock car racing) is a popular sport in england but i like watching that

posted by  True_Brit

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