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Well, first off, thanks to UFF for making this awsome section part of the site!

For anyone who hasn't heard my story...I am trying to get started in the SCCA ProRally series here in the Southwerstern (Cali, Nevada, NM, AZ, etc) US, and finding it very difficult with a full time job and a wife who doesn't understand why car parts cost so much... :screwy: But I am still a rally fanatic with '99 JDM STi on the horizon and a couple of guys and a van that will be my service team...hopefully it all pans out...Although I am not going to be able to compete in the Rim of the World Rally here in SoCal in May as was planned... :banghead: I am running into import problems with my car, and then there will be the $$$ that has to get pumped into it to make it able to compete and THEN there will be the few shakedowns I can get onto the engine, THEN!! there is getting the time off, hoping my team can get the time off, getting to the rally and THEN!!!! hoping that the car at least finishes!!!! :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:

For the love of the sport, I guess...whatever rally I get to, it will be my first rally event that I have competed in--I have only done some SCCA Solo events with my old (02) RSX-S...was trying to hold onto that and do some road race events with it up at Laguna or in Riverside, but I had to get rid of that thing...even though in retrospect it is much easier to get into road events than rally.... :banghead:

Wow...sorry that was so long. I'm venting. It's a process. Anyway, I hope to be able to help ya'll out with some Rally advice.... :thumbs:

posted by  jmyers0341

Sorry to DJ, I forgot to answer your question... :banghead:

Well, I assume you were watching a replay of the Rally of Mexico as the Rally of New Zealand is the 18th of this month on SPEED--make sure you watch!! First off, the Mexico rally was ran for the first time this year with full FIA WRC status--most of the drivers have driven in that rally before, but never on the WRC tour. Now, to your question about stages...

Stages in a rally can be any distance, there are rules regarding the maximim and minimum mile/km's set down by FIA, and I will find those exact numbers for you. I cannont find the rules/regs right off hand, but I will keep you updated. I sent an email to the FIA site admin asking for a complete set of rules/regs that I will post when I recieve them. Also, there can be any number of stages on the rally, again according to rules. FACT: Cars in the WRC and any rally for that matter, have to be street legal in order to drive from stage to stage as they are not all connected. Stages can be run more than once and in either direction.

One more point on stages: In the WRC, drivers and co-drivers are allowed to make many passes on the course 2-3 days prior to the race so that the co-driver can take pace notes (Q's on pace notes, just ask), but in the SCCA ProRally's they are allowed only one pass the day before the race and no pace notes allowed. On some rallies they aren't even allowed a prior drive thru. This makes the rallying much more exciting, for the drivers and the spectators alike, and I think it is a much more pure style of rally. The pace notes used in the WRC really give away everything coming up ahead. While this is good for safety as well as faster times, it is kind of like cheating. I know that this is an opinion so I will stop there. :2cents:

Any more questions on anything, just let me know!

posted by  jmyers0341

Thanks for the heads up man! :thumbs:

Can't wait to see the rules and regulations. I think like you said they are all different. I think they tell you all the rules before the show starts.

posted by  DJ Nonsense

Heres the page to the FIA regs for WRC...it is over 50 pages long, but I am work so I printed it!!


If you just check out these other sites, they have lots of good info:




The rally of New Zealand is coming up!! It is on Speed at 7 PM on the 18th...set your Tivo's :clap:

posted by  jmyers0341

i race in californa to maybe ill see you at the track good luck

posted by  AutoPro

yea? what do u race?

posted by  carls47807

I think it came out later that this guy was lieing. His wife ratted him out.

posted by  StiMan

LOL....I remember that well :laughing:

posted by  Cliffy

Ya, he was a cool guy. First person (and probably only person) that noted that it was my birthday the first time because I had only been on CF for like 15 days.

posted by  StiMan

just a question and i didnt want to make another thread for it! But does anybody know when the Dakar Rally is on this year

posted by  mx3_monster

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