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oh joy oh joy, the BTCC is going to start well soon!
as part of the new Super 2000 rules, all the teams who enter are to have 2 litre cars and all the manufacture teams and the teams with good backing are all having new cars!
that means
Team Halfords who entered in a very succesful Integra Type R last year may be entering in the new Civic Type R.
Seat are having the same car like last year, but updated a little.
Team RAC are starting with the new BMW 320i, (last year they had a MGZS)
and Vauxhall, they are to enter in the new Vectra (the first time a vectra has raced for the team since 2001)
all of them have close to 320bhp through the front wheels so this years season should be very close as most teams have gone back to Saloons instead of coupes!
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does anyone watch the BTCC??? (British Touring Car Championship)

posted by  True_Brit

I don't really follow motor racing, but along with Rallying, the BTCC is one of the better sports!

posted by  Cliffy

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