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If u were going to be a racing car driver would you be a...........................?

posted by  GT Wise

something like gran turizmo suits me best. :thumbs:

posted by  Satty101

Model car racer. :laughing:

posted by  DodgeRida67

shit, I do that everyday. lol, not really... :ohcrap:

posted by  Satty101

Probably a Rally driver...get paid to drive my dream car...a Subaru Impreza WRC.. :thumbs: :mrgreen: :laughing: :hi: :smoke:

posted by  StiMan

F1 or Pro stock drag racing

posted by  archangle

Moto GP

posted by  abless

Off the top of my head NASCAR
Just something about going fast enough to see the road melt
In front of me. :thumbs:

Second choice would be rally :wink2:

posted by  Driver-88

Gran Turismo all da way...

posted by  DSMer

some thing like in Gran Turismo baby! :thumbs:

a cool idea would be to get a steering wheel control to your playstation, a Sparco seat and RACE! :wink2:

posted by  WeaponR

Chill out man, you're a lil to obsessed with Gran Tourismo and sparco seats. Not everyone has sparco seats. Some people have Bride and Rearco seats. N enough of that game, I got pissed because I lost the Stock Miata Endurance race today in the last turn of the last lap and the damn Mitat spun out GRRR!!!

posted by  DSMer

a challenger tank??

posted by  cinqyg


Gran turismo and Rally sounds nice i actully really like group b rally cars.

im only 18 so probably to young to decide yet and should go back to playing with my lego and micro machienes. :ticking:

posted by  Lukaz

If I wasn't in Moto GP (like I mentioned in an earlier post), I would probably prefer to Rally. I think sliding around, not being totally in control all the time, and not getting up to 150 or 200 mph has its appeal.

posted by  abless

What happended to Rallying !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thats what i would wanna do :wink2:

I co-drive at the mo just for the small rallies around home - LOVE IT !

posted by  Speedy

Rally is still very common in europe areas.

I like watching it and have always wanted to do a bit of rallying.

The full prices of a complete group A rally car reaches over £350,000+

dont have that kinda money :2cents: save thoose pennys

posted by  Lukaz

I would like to be a DTM driver, and an ATV rider. :hi:

posted by  Starscream13

kool i like ATV and DTM i somtimes watch DTM but not often

posted by  Lukaz

I have an ATV, the Yamaha Blaster. But i dont have any DTM cars, except from miniatures... :smoke:

posted by  Starscream13

WOW wadda hard decision...neva thought of it. I think F1 would probably suit me the best but id have to say gran turismo racing. BUT i personally think the best racing is the one that'll be funnest to me so id go with UNDERGROUND BABY YEAH!!!

posted by  VMJYogi

drift showoff driver ....AAAAAWWWWWWWWW YEAH!!!

posted by  High Octane

I'm satisfied with my current job. :laughing: On this poll I vote for F1, but personally I would prefer Rally. At my spare time I do Go-Cart racing too. :smoke:

posted by  lutz

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