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what a race (of what i saw!)
Lewis Hamilton did extremely well didnt he,,, either that or it was beginners luck:laughing:
anyone see it???

posted by  True_Brit

I watched it...Raikkonen won :mrgreen:

posted by  chris_knows

you guys should take up street racing, its way more exciting than watching racing!

posted by  mercenary

melbourne is a street track .... but i spose your nsx would get round quicker than the Ferrari F1's.

posted by  windsonian

Ha Ha i wish! but not even close. although street racing is more fun than that because its illegal and no one respects you.

posted by  mercenary

so it's fun because you get no respect?

posted by  windsonian

hell yes!! the only people who respect street racers are street racers. cops hate us and so do regular citizans, but at the Pachinko parlors no one i hang around those lots.

posted by  mercenary

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